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Book Love

I usually do not see new books I want but lately I have been seeing a lot of new books I want. I am actually a bit embarrassed at the length of the list but here is books I have been coveting.

Sublimecovernew2Sublime Stichingby Jenny Hart

I have some of Sublime Stich patterns and love them. So I can only magine I would love the book.

9781741247176   The Enchanted Doll's Houseby Robyn Johnson

I will probably have to fight Chloe over this one (but I am bigger ;-P)

Fc9780060788063   Creole Thriftby Angele Parlange

I looked at this and the (new huge and next store to cost-plus) Barnes&Noble. It looked lik soo much fun. Like a party in a book.

Sallyjean   Pretty Little Thingsby Sally Jean Alexander

Well what can I say it is Sally Jean !!

Falling_cloudberries   Falling Cloudberriesby Tessa Kiros

Thank youCherryfor posting about this.

9780723258056h    Beatrix Potter. A JournalBy Beatrix Potter

Thank You dear sweet Joanne for letting me know about this one !!!

Words_in_a_french_life_5   Words In A French Lifeby Kristin Espinasse

Newfromold001   New From Oldby Jayne Emerson

Also thank youDebbiefor the heads up about this book.


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Leigh Ann

I love this list and see one that would make a great gift for my husband! He loves anything French. Book love is one of the best kinds of love, don't you think? And one of the best presents. Cheers! LA

Jennifer Paganellli

thanks for stopping by Clarice I so appreciate it!!! Love these titles thanks for posting them...also thanks for your great spirit and enthusiasm!


I have several of these on my wish list, too! You've gotten me interested now in Tessa Kiros and her books. I just received Creole Thrift in the mail--ordered it for myself as a Christmas gift from my family--ha! It does indeed look like fun; I'm having a hard time not peeking at it too much!



Thanks for the book list. Look forward to checking them all out after the holidays.
I absolutely adore Tasha Tudor. What a woman!
I hope Santa brings you your books!

Terri Pollhein

I have the New from Old book. It is nice. I saw the Creole thrift, advertised but haven't looked through it. You say it's a lot of fun? I'll have to add it too my list too.
Thanks for the advice!
God bless.


Clarice, I like your Book Wishlist! I'll have to check out the Sublime Stitching. Oh and the Beatrix Potter Journal looks interesting too.

I hope you get some of the books on your Wishlist! Did you write to Santa yet?

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