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Figgy pudding


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Love the photo's.

Wanted to thank you for the "Thankful" banner you posted some time ago. I just got around to making it. In fact I made two, one for me and one to give away.

Well, it isn't *quite* Thanksgiving yet, LOL!


Mrs G

wait...those aren't leaves...those are pretty flowers :)

Mrs G

I have always loved fireplaces with big windows on either side...and Abby's mantel/fireplace is no exception! Just beautiful :)

and the vase & leaves...what a wonderful autumn touch :)


Thank you Abby & Clarice ~ everything is beautiful. I just love the color of the walls; it makes for such a cozy room.


Very the red walls and the big windows...what a wonderful room!


It's perfect, not overdone. I love the red walls too.


Leigh Ann

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Cheers! LA


Oh, I love everything! Makes me want to pay more attention to my own dining room. Thanks Abby and Clarice! Blessings, Debra


What a beautiful room! Now I feel dreadfully under decorated:-) Thanks for sharing , I am getting inspired, I better I have a houseload of people coming for Thanksgiving!


Abby does a wonderful job with her decorating....I just love her style!
I love the mantle with the candles symetrically placed, the mantle clock, and the 'british' painting above!
The table looks so inviting and the tablecloth so festive!
And the last photo is my favourite as it looks like a famous still life painting. I love how the sun filters soft and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing Clarice and Abby!


That is lovely and inspiring, thankyou.


It is beautiful. Love the colors!
Thank you Abby and Clarice for sharing.


I loved the color of red on her wall and the windows. Mom

Susan P.

So lovely! I can just imagine how cozy and wonderful it would be to sit there by a nice roaring fire! I love Autumn:)

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