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Waxing Leaves


One thing we love to do in the fall is pick pretty leaves and dip them in wax as a keepsake. They keep forever this way. I found one of my old beat up pans, that I keep as my wax pan. I just keep the pan in my basement and heat it up on low anytime I need it. Remember to heat low and slow. Then let the remaining wax harden again.   One trick I found, espcially if you are using larger leaves, is to press them a few days first. Not till they are completly dry, just somewhat. That helps them not roll up as the leaves dry. Here is more info about how to wax leaves. Also I found this company the sells actual small wax leavesfor floating in water. But I do not see why you can not do the same thing with these leaves.

Also Mary posted her recipe for her harvest apple muffins, yummm. Thank you Mary !!



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Dear Clarice,
Thank you for sharing how to wax leaves. Yours look so pretty. You are so creative. I would love to make some with you! Love, Paula


Thanks for this, I never realised that I could actually preserve all those lovely leaves and colours indefinetly.


Hi Clarice!
Your leaves look so pretty! I am really excited to try this out with the parafin wax. I don't have the best of luck using waxed paper. Thank you for the lovely post.


That sounds wonderful...never heard people doing that.I wonder if you could do it with certain flowers....they be lovely on the christmas tree.Very green on this subject, forgive me.
xo Annabelle


Wow. What a great idea.

This sounds so much better than ironing leaves between two sheets of waxed paper. Although, I just LOVE the smell of that! Brings back many wonderful childhood memories!


What a perfectly wonderful idea. My kids will love this. I have never heard of waxing leaves.I can't wait to try this out.
Have a great day Clarice.

Susan P.

Clarice, this is such a wonderful idea! I never knew the proper way to do this, thanks so much for sharing. Now I am on my way to see the apple muffin recipe, sounds yummy;)



Love the leaves..
I need to send you some of my ginko tree leaves, they are uniquely shaped.


I just picked a lot of leafs, but I'm pressing them in a thick book - never heard of waxing them, sound like a good idea though!

Leigh Ann

Clarice, I think we are often on the same wavelength. I was just asked by my kids how we could save the pretty fall leaves. Now I know! And apple muffins sound yummy. Thanks, again!

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