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Mushroom Song


Mushroom Song

OH little mushrooms with brown faces underneath
And bare white heads,
You think of summer and you think of song . . .
Why don't you think of me
In my little white bed
In the night?
You think only of your singsong and your dances,
Following your leader round and round,
You think only of the grass
And the green apples and leaves
Dropping out of the blue . . .
Why don't you think of me asleep
In my little white bed?
The wind thinks of me,
Brown-white dancers!
You forget,
But the wind remembers

By Hilda Conkling


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What a beautiful picture.

Scott at Real Epicurean

Charming indeed. I think there's nothing more magical then standing in a dark forest surrounded by wierd and wonderful mushrooms!


Oh Clarice,

Have been knee deep in basement cleaning and it was such a pleasant break to read the little mushroom song. Thank you...

Mrs. Staggs

This is charming Clarice. Thank you for sharing.
Hope you have a nice day!

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