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Living Nature Books


I have a huge weakness for old children’s books (and have a large collection), especial old nature stories. As I have already confessed when I was younger I thought science and nature was boring (shock). But I think it is because I am not a fact girland a lot of science books are just facts. When I found through Charlotte Mason about living literature and books about nature set in story-form, I was quite excited. We have found this is a much more engaging way to learn about the world around us and then that sparked an interest in science. With that interest sparked we have then turned to learning more. I am big lover of "Instructor Literature" series booklets and was very excited to find these online. These are small booklets, so easy to print up. They are PDF files. I think it is pretty special to be able to have these booklets. They are hard to find and then pretty expensive. These are geared to younger childern but I enjoy them.

Little Plant People by Anne Chase

Little Plant People At Home

Little Plant People Of The Waterway



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Thank you for the great link.


I really like these Clarice! I only wish I had some Littles to teach to read. I'd use these!

~Jody (who hopes for grand-littles one day)


Oh Wow, I LOVE these! Thank you so much for sharing these!

Susan L

Gosh, Clarice, you find the neatest stuff! I'm glad you do the hunting for us and then share what you find. I want to print these, too!



I absolutely love these books! I'm so glad you left a link to download them. I plan to make copies of each and everyone on some nice paper. I really love the illustrations in these. Thanks!

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