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If your ever get a chance to check out Leavenworth in the Fall (well really any season) please do. It is charming. The first day we got the Leavenworth in the afternoon. Did some wine tasting, found a library book sale (I was practically running down the street), found acorn tops at the park (by the way I am looking for acorns and tops, espically larger ones) and rested at the Gingerbread House. We sat there remembering our girls being babies in snow suits munching on gingerbread girls, ahhhh.


The next day we went to Lake Chelan. We ate at a fun restaurant Blueberry Hill. The view from the deck was amazing and the raspberry pie. MMMMMMM. Mary gave me for my birthday this beautiful embroidery cloth and some vintage cookbooks that belonged to her MIL. Thank you Mary xoxox I also went to my very first (ever) homecoming game. And I have to say it was pretty fun.


Our last day we went to Apple Annies. It is this huge antique store 70,000 sq. It took me three hours to look around. I got this wonderful paper fan and metal plate. I am into things with little cottages on them. We hit all the knitting and quilt shops in the area. And I showed Mary how to make risotto. OHH an Mary had the yummiest apple muffin with orange butter. I am hoping she will post the recipes. She was so smart, she kept the orange butter all made in the frezzer. I am going to do this. I could have stayed a week. We need to start planning next year, hint, hint.




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Sounds like a fabulous weekend, Clarice...all the best things~antiques, books, good food~heavenly! The apple muffins with orange butter sound great.

Mary T.

I'm back from WSU and will try to have the apple muffin recipe up on my site by the end of this week. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!



Sound like you had a great time. Your pictures are wonderful.

Copper's Wife

Your trip sounds so fun, and like such a perfect "girlie" time. Thanks for sharing about it.


Oh, your trip sounds like so much fun!! The food sound delicious! I keep meaning to try making risotto. It seems like such an autumn-y thing to make. The antique store sounds like a dream! I love all of the things you picked up!

I've been meaning to tell you how much the girls and I enjoyed your nut post. We printed out Miss Hickory and think she is the cutest thing!


You posted some great photos and found some wonderful treasures!
Put on the tea and I'll join you in your library as we browse through your latest treasures!
That fan is so beautiful and so autumn'y!
Great cookbooks...
thanks to Mary!
So much fun!
I also collect vintage books and paintings with cottages...what can I say? We have similar taste!
Thank you so much for sharing!


It sounds like it'd be wonderful there, Clarice! :-)


You must have had so much fun in Leavenworth. I know that I did when my husband and I went there on our fifth wedding anniversary. Was our one and only time that we ever did anything special like that for our anniversary. I would really love to go again. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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