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Ladies, I have had a weekend of mail blessings. First dear Jill at Bittesweet  blessed me for no reason (no swap) except to just be a sweetie. Ohh my gosh what blessing too. Yummy hand made soap, these sweet postets notes and an amazing old children’s book. The girls and I actually screamed when I opened the package. I love the book and gifts Jill. Thank you for blessing us (I shared the postets with the girls !!)


Second I had commissioned Debbie at Homespun to make a bag to carry round my knitting and embroidery. Well before I even unwrapped the bag, I was soo excited. Just look at that wrapping and the paper flower she made. I am thinking of something fun to do with it.


Thank you Debbie for my bag I am thrilled with it. It is roomy, I can carry all my needles and floss in the different pockets and the flowers are charming. I love that you made them pins, so I can move them around.


My long time good friend Aurora cleaned out her closet and sent me tablecloth, fabrics, Ralph Lauren angora sweater and a beautiful clock for my library.


I want to thank you ladies for your kindness and generous heart. But mostly I want to thank you for showing my girls what a small kind act can have a big impact on ones heart. I can see my girls more and more looking for ways to bless those around them. So from this mama and friend thank you xoxoxoxox


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WOW! I don't think I could have opened the black toile wrapping paper! And a very cute idea for a bow! It's all so lovely.


Clarice, such lovely gifts for a lovely person! Enjoy.


My goodness! What a wonderful selection of presents you received. You must feel truly blessed. I love the wrappings with the tape measure.


Clarice, I must second what someone else said--the care and love your friends show you is a reflection of your kind, generous and loyal spirit. Your girls may see this lesson through other people, but primarily they are learning it from you :)


What wonderful treasures.


Oh all things lovely here today Clarice! I would say that you are lucky, but it's not luck you know. It's the joy you share that comes back to you. I'm so happy to hear that your sweet girls are learning this beautiful lesson. We all need to "pass it on".

Terri Pollhein

After checking out your blog several times, I believe I will have to look around for some of those old children's books. You have inspired a new addiction in me! LOL
God bless!

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