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Well it all started out that I got the idea that those fabric samples they sell would make wonderful napkins (I still plan down the road to use them for napkins). Then when I got home I starting thinking I would like some kind of slip-cover for the chairs. But I wanted it to be simple and cheap. I came up with idea of sewing ribbon ties on each corner and tie them together and slip the squares over the top of the chairs. Even though they are all different fabrics they seem to go together and go with my runners.  They also pick up the quilt theme of my china cabinet. I am very happy with these simple toppers and when I get board, then I can turn them into napkins. The wreath above is on my front door. I use this wreath every fall. I usually do something different but I am so in-love with this wreath (and colors) I have never got sick of it.



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Thank you for sharing everything;your an inspiration and truly a good soul.Glad to have found your site.
p.s.I bought berries like the ones on your wreath years ago and used them on the Christmas tree.They looked so real,I just had to have them.I love your wreath.

Annabelle =^..^= xo

Cherry Menlove

It's all so beautiful Clarice.

Cherry x


Wow, Clarice...another inspiring idea! Now you've got me thinking I need to do the same thing... :) Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us! Blessings, Debra

Tracy's Turret

Very clever!
You do a wonderful job in decorating your home!


You always have such great ideas! I love the chair-slips, they are lovely!


You always have such great ideas! I love the chair-slips, they are lovely!


The wreath is so very pretty and I love the chair covers--so wonderful!

Susan P.

Clarice, you are so clever with those chair covers! I just love them! I can see why you would never get tired of that wreath because it is just gorgeous. Isn't wonderful when you find something that you absolutely are in love with that you want to use it year after year:)


The wreath is beautiful, and I love your front door also! You have reminded me that I have a fall wreath down in the basement that I completely forgot about :)
A great idea for chair covers and very pretty.


I love the wreath festive. I will try to take some pics soon so you can see my decorations this year.....maybe this weekend! Dianntha


I adore your wreath -- no wonder you never get tired of it -- and your chair covers are so clever. I like it that they go together, but don't match. Clever Clarice is at it again!



Love the wreath! I also get a glimpse of your reflection in the door.
The chair covers are sooo creative. I also like the idea of making table linens.
My friend Julie gave me three whole bags of decorator sample fabrics, I was wanting to make a quilt out of them, but will have to wait until I have more time.
Thanks for sharing, corners of your home...

Copper's Wife

Great thinking!!! The chair covers look very pretty.


Very pretty, Clarice!


Thank you for sharing all your wonderful, creative ideas as well as your recipes, book titles, artists, etc.
You amaze me with all your finds.
I really appreciate the time you take to inspire and teach us!


I'm thinking I should do this with my chairs to coordinate with my pellows I'm making for the couch, not match but go with. I like that they are all different. Mom

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