Autumn Corner 3 part 2
Waxing Leaves

Charlotte Lyons


I just love Charlotte Lyons. I have her book Mother's and Daughter's At Home. I love her out look on crafting and how she view it as a medium to bring people closer. I know when things can be strained between me and my girls. Crafting is a great way for us to hang out, without having to talk. They do their thing, I do mine but we are together. I know that comforts them, even if they do not say so.

I thought this cat was so cute and insparational.


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Thanks for this I have just visited the site and yes her stuff is great. Love the cat, really want to make one myself!


Thank you for passing this on Clarice! I love Charlotte Lyons' projects and have two of her books. I've made quite a few things from the books. The cat is great!!
By the way I am just finishing up your bag this weekend ~ great timing!


What a darling cat but I love the Charmed card the best on her.


Crafting does help. I guess it's the busy hands, distracting the mind plus you are sharing a wonderfully fun activity together. A cute cat and it sure does feel like fall, maybe even early winter here.


Very cute. I want to see her book. Mom

Tracy's Turret

Crafting IS a great way to hang out!!
That kitty is cute!

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