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Autumn Corner 4


Well I hope you do not mind indulging me. But one of the reasons for starting this blog was to share my English library. It is the first time I have completely striped a room and started over and this room is my favorite of the house. So I hope you do not mind me showing you every corner. Plus it is definitely the fall corner of my house. There is nothing like sitting on a rainy day with a book in my library. I hope it encourges you to create a library, even if it is just a corner of a room.


This room was the master bedroom. It had white carpet (which was gray in 4 years, yuck) and had bad 80's floral wallpaper. We pulled up the rug, luckily there was hardwood floor underneath. I painted over the wallpaper in this yummy shade that reminded me of maple cream. Even though I spent more on this room then I ever have I still tried to do it as cheap as I could. This map of London is actually wrapping paper.


This green hutch is a bit too early American for the room but it hold a lot of books. I may paint it black, we will see. The paisley quilt was my grandmothers. It is down filled and ready to fall apart any minute. But I love it, so I draped to it could be seen but not touched.


We have taken down the doors, hoping to strip them down to the wood. So for now I have wool suiting fabric with a men’s tie for a door to my cedar-lined closet.


I know in blog-land it is easy to create a rosy picture but not honest. So to be honest here is my crazy, messy closest I share with my daughter. This is the true me. I am a slob at heart and have to work really hard to keep my house clean . It is not in my nature to pick up after myself.


This was a free frame I was given and handkerchief I have been saving. I have another matching frame and want to put a mirror in it and hang it underneath.


This chandler was the big splurge. I thought it was better to just use what I had for accessories and instead put my money into paint and the light fixture. I like that it is oversized for the room and does not totally go with the room. I saw lots of light fixture that looked very library but I wanted something a bit unexpected. I like to have a few pieces in a room that does not go with the room. No total matchy-matchy for me.


This is a table with folding down sides table so I can open it up if I need to (I like to do puzzels in the winter here). The pillow is something I glued (literally) together and I love the New York Map tablecloth. I hope to get an England map tablecloth to replace it one day.


To add more storage, I took this self that was in an old trunk to hold more books. Ohh and look at all that dust.


My hubby is a hunter and was over the moon that I wanted to hang one of this deer racks.


This is my port bar (I see you smiling Tina) that hubby made me. You can see our big ugly (free) TV. Hubby made a wooden shelf that rest on the TV and has room for the DVD player. This turned out perfect.


Also this is a free poster that I hadfrom a unit about George Washington. I wanted to show it because I have not had the money to frame both the posters so I just taped the to the wall, till I can frame them right. So do the best you can, when decorating and think out of the box. The only vision I had when I started was a very English looking libary. I took it one step at a time. I knew I wanted lots of black, dark wood, deep tan walls and a small bit of deep red. And it grew from there. now I am working on my bedroom, one day you will see it !!!


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Dear Clarice,

As you know I am dreaming of Autumn, so I am enjoying (and getting ideas) your Autumn corners!

I love your English library and you have inspired me to re-decorate ours in the same fashion. Your library looks so cozy that I am almost tempted to brave flying and come sit with you and have a cup of tea. I would love to read a book, but we would have to visit first!!!

Love, Paula


Your pic are lovely. I like the hutch. Closets are a pain. If you can't build in organizers, use the hang up ones. The square ones. You can use the for sweaters, purses, other things that don't require hanging or shouldn't be. I find sorting by color works best. Keep Shoe bags too. I need another one for scarves. They work great in bathroom for shampoos etc. too. Linda in Indiana


Hello, I have just discovered your blog, and I love your library. I have one as well, I have pictures of it on my blog.


I love it, that you shared these pictures with us. And also love it, that you had the courage to change the purpose of a room. Hooray for you!!!


The secret window? Love that closet and yes the library too! I too don't particularly like matchy match and the chandelier would have been my pick as well ....Your home is just so lovely and I must create a library nook for rainy and soon to come snowy weather.


Mrs G

along with every one else, I love your library :)

love the wall color, love all your *treasures*, love the table & chairs in front of the lovely window...but most of all, I love the window in your closet! what a great touch...


I love your closet. Are you going to share some of the titles of your books in your wonderful English library.

Susan P.

Clarice, your English library is absolutely perfect. It just "begs" you to come on in and read a book! Such a cozy, inviting place to spend a rainy afternoon:)


Clarice, your English Library is absolutely wonderful!! I would just love to curl up with a book on a lovely fall day! The bookself is beautiful and your Grandmother's quilt is such a nice touch. I think your closet looks fun! I'd like to look through all those magazines/books.
Thank you for sharing the corners of your library. You have done an amazing job decorating it!


Your library is wonderful! I love the framed fox hunters and all the touches of red. The chandelier is a fantastic finishing touch to a gorgeous and interesting room. I like mix and match best, too.


Hi Clarice, I love your English library which you have made so warm and cosy! Your hutch is great, and I just love that little window in the closet. Debbie


I love your decorating ideas, Clarice! And thank you for sharing your closet, too! :)

I want to apologize for not writing back to you yet. I'm afraid I may have bitten off a little too much by joining the writing group!


Wow! I love it!

And, dust really does cut down on 'glare'. At least that is what I keep telling myself.


Clarice, I just love this room! I would like to know the paint color name/number. It looks like just the color that I am looking for for a bedroom.

I like the English-feel of the black and that deep red lamp adds just the right pop of color along with the table cloth.

Jolly Good!


A charming and very "English" feel you've achieved too Dear Clarice! Love that hanky and I think the cuboard would look great painted black.

Tracy's Turret

"I am a slob at heart and have to work really hard to keep my house clean . It is not in my nature to pick up after myself."

LOL! DITTO!! I can so totally relate, as this statement fits me to a 'T'!

What a great room! I esp. like the shabby blue bookshelf--very cool!



Love the Autumn Corner 4 pics! I really like that New York tablecloth.. Thanks for the closet pic too. In reality, most everone has a closet like this..
Oh too, Great recipes your sharing...


Your library is very cozy and inviting. I love red and the little touches of read here and there are perfect for this room.

Mary T.

Great Job! The photos are just perfect and as someone who has seen this room in person I can say - "Wow! You have done a great job and are an inspiration to us all."

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