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I always have a table cloth on my dining room table. I have so many pretty vintage cloths I like to show them off. But sometimes a girl like to change things up a bit. So I thought I would go with bare wood for a while. Well my practical hubby says you can not put hot plates on wood, it will ruin it. Doesn’t he know it adds patina. I tried to enlighten him, but he did not get it. So for martial bliss, I said I would get place-mats. I have looked and looked. I can not find anything I like or can not afford what I love. That beer budget thing again. Well I was in T J Max (I love that store) and saw these runners. I loved the fabric and they were $6.00. So I bought two. At first I was going to run them the other way but there were times when there was 3 of us on one side. Or we were crafting and needed the protection. So I ran them lengthwise and love it. Now I am looking at table runners in a whole new light and practical dear hubby is happy.


Also see my new tussy-mussy. Rosehips from my mothers garden and these amazing carnations. You know I have hated carnations for years (along with mums) but they have sooo many new kinds now. They are dirt cheap and last a good two weeks. So I am treating myself a bunch twice a month. Thank you Jody for the inspiration xoxoxo



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What a clever idea, Clarice! And those table runners are lovely ~ TJ Maxx is a favorite of mine. Love your tussy mussy!


I think it looks great! Such a very pretty setting. I love the candles and flowers too. What a great budget decorating tip that doesn't look it.


That's a fantastic idea.I love to see the wood of my table too but it does need protection from the little ones.I think I may have to copy you!


This looks awesome. Can I copy? I am moving next week and now I'd like to do some things different.

Mrs. Pivec

Really lovely, Clarice! I like the idea of two runners. My table has damage on the edges and I'm always using a tablecloth until I can get it refinished. And the rose hips in the flowers are gorgeous!

Copper's Wife

You table is so pretty. The table runners are very pretty, and I LOVE your candlesticks!


That is so cute! Just as pretty as a tablecloth, but way easier.


Thanks for the great idea.


I love the runners on both sides of the table. Delightful!


Hi Clarice,

Lovely blog.I love your two runners but unfortunately here in Canada we don't get great deals like you in the States.My friend that lives in Seatle mentioned to me about T.J. Max- sounds great.The closest to that type of store here are Winners and Homesense but the prices aren't that cheap.


Aren't you clever! That's why I come here -- to be more like Clarice when I grow up. I absolutely am thrilled about this idea and intend to look for table runners and do as you did. Often we have 10 at our table and it's hard to come up with that many placemats of the same kind (yes, I do mix 'n' match too). GREAT IDEA!

I love a wood table and it's character showing through, and my table has lots of "patina" as you called it, Clarice. ~smile~ Still, I do enjoy adding placemats and center doily-type things with flowers. Your tussy mussy is sweet. Today, I have black-eyed susans in a blue canning jar on my table with Aunt Betty's linen cutwork and lace underneath.


Oh!!! Your table runner idea is genius!!! I LOVE how your table looks. Just gorgeous!!
I am a new fan of carnations too. Grace is here with me and she says, "They are very pretty. Red is my favorite color." :0)
Kelli and Grace


Clarice, I think the table runners looks lovely! Great idea!

Leigh Ann

Beautiful! I love it! I'm going to have to try that as I update my table for fall.


Those are the biggest rose hips I've ever seen! The whole setting is so romantic. What time is dinner?


They look great. Love the flowers with the rose hips also. Thank hubby for me for saving the table. :-b Mom

Marilyn christine

what a smart cookie you are- I hope it is ok to take your hint to heart and use it to= huggles me


Oh Clarice! I gasped at your table, it is GORGEOUS! It looks like a magazine. I think that is what I want to do. I have a dining table that is fairly old. It is a Duncan Phyfe we "inherited" from Jeff's parents (still alive) and it has been refinished, and I just love the legs and the skirt around the table top and hate to cover all that up. Two runners is so pretty and I love those candle holders. I love your style!


I love this- great use of runners. I love TJ Maxx. I think carnations are one of the most overlooked flowers of all. I have a small patch outisde- they are cute, they last forever and the smell so nice. Its the people who insisted they be bright green and yellow that ruined it for the poor carnations.


The table runners are a grand idea and the fabric is lovely. Now I guess I'll have to make a trip to TJ Max and see just what they have there. You've inspired me.


I love the way the 2 runners together looks. Are they Liz Claiborne? I just got my daughter a new quilt at TJ Maxx and it looks like the same fabric!

Debi D

What a wonderful idea...it looks so attractive! My table is oval instead of rectangular...I don't think I could do it :(

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