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  • Aubern'e is into pirates lately. Although it has nothing to do with the movie, she has not even seen them. She just finds the history fascinating. She is redoing her room in a pirate/rock n' roll theme. Think of pirates and a disco ball. I love my free thinking daughters. We made pillows cases today. It as so EASY !!!!! Why have I not being making my own ? Just think off all the amazing fabrics out there. I can personal them. My mind is spinning with ideas. If you have not made any, check out the tutorials. PS. Look at Aubern'es cute pirate mary janes. Love Target !!!!







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I love the pirate theme. We are huge pirate fans at our house. Keiran has an old style pirate map with locations of sunken pirate ships. He always wants me to read them to him. When I say a ship has lost 4 million dollars. He always replies "That's a lot of chocolate coins." I love a four year olds imagination. I'd love to show him the room when you are finished.


"Think of pirates and a disco ball."

-giggles- I love it!!!!



You'll have to go to blog to see the pirate socks.. I think they're called ARRGGGYLE - pictured in the middle of the blog - very cute! You'll have to knit them, or show Auber'ne how to knit them herself.


My 18 yr old wanted a pirate t-shirt that she saw the other day. Very cute shoes!
You are right...why haven't I been making my own pillow cases? What a great idea!


Cute shoes!
Sweet pillowcase!
Fun mom!


Copper's Wife

How fun, pirates!!! I love when my kids really start developing their own tastes in dress and decorating. I definitely want to see pictures of the pirates-go-disco room when it's done!!!


Clarice, the shoes are too cute! :)


My kids are REALLY into Pirates, too, and they haven't seen the movie, either. Talk Like A Pirate Day is next Tuesday! Arrr

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