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Even thought it does not feel very fall like, I wanted to make a fall feeling dinner.

Braised Pork Butt

I made a pork dish very similar to this but I added pumpkin. Last year I cubed, peeled uncooked sugar pie pumpkins. I frozen on cookies trays and then put them in freezer bags to keep unhand to throw in stews, ect. So add frozen pumpkin to pan when you add meat before braising.

You can make this with any dried white beans, but if you can get your hands on cannellini beansplease use those. They are much more melty and soft. I make a double batch. You can freeze the cooked beans or make Bruschettas. Take some of the beans and some greens sautéed with garlic, yumm.

For dessert I took Martha's recipe for Buttermilk pie  and only made the filling. I took a large pan and laid a layer of sliced fresh peaches and pour the filling over the peaches. I baked at 300 with a Bain-Marie(remember low and slow) for an hour or 2 till center was cooked. If you really want to make it special add this caramel sauce!!


tuscan painting by Ruth Baderian


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Alice C

Thanks for the Cannellini bean tip!! That is so good to know!

Leigh Ann

There is that pumpkin again. I just love it! My in-laws are coming this weekend. I wonder if they like pumpkin because I've got to try all these recipes. LA


Yum, yum, yum! Nothing better than pork and beans.....ala Clarice!

Your dessert sounded delish!


I wish I could come over and eat at your house. It sounds yumm-o


Oh, I am so making this menu. I LOVE cannellini beans and I have always wanted to make a buttermilk pie! Thank you for sharing the recipes! YUM!


Yummy menue. The beans sound really good esp. with the greens. That dessert sounds incredible. I love the picture too. Mom

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