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Grasmere Gingerbread


Okay I am a sucker for anything from England. I love to look at picture and dream I am living there in my little thatch cottage. Just down the road from Beatrix Potter. I can just imagine as I am on the way to her home for tea I stop at Grasmere Gingerbread for some gingerbread crumbs to serve with my ginger parfait. For those saddly enough who can not get Grasmere gingerbread, check out their recipes and use your own gingerbread.



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Oh Clarice! =^..^=

I just stumbled upon your delightful blog ...
through Nature Girl's (Nature-Trail) blog.

Just from the wee bit I have seen of your posts I know I have found another favorite to visit daily ... I can hardly wait to read more! So many darling projects you have found to do! You sound so like me -- From the children's stories to ::wishing:: to live near Beatrix Potter!

And gingerbread with tea?
Oh yes please!

=^..^= zU

Mrs G

I love the gingerbread from Grasmere! and I brought a postcard home with the recipe on it :)

I tried the recipe once & it was a bit different than the gingerbread I inhaled warm from the oven while visiting Grasmere & the Lake District (probably the prettiest place I've ever seen), but I should try it again now that you've reminded me of it...

There is also (or was) a lovely garden center in the same town...

thanks for the memories :)

OR Tina

Oooh, I want to go with you too!!! The Crasemere gingerbread sounds delish. I've never seen this thin version before -- almost looks cracker-like. The recipe my Mom used to make was very thick, dense and cakelike. Mmmm...


I remember my one trip through the lake district. We were on a tour and I really wanted to linger there but couldn't. There were some really cute villages maybe this was one of them. Love, Mom

Lady Laurie

Oh to be in England! My hubby and I lived there for two years ~ in Suffolk, thats also where we were married.

cherry menlove

Let me know when you all head over and I'll point you in the direction of all the wonderful things to see and do.



I dream of England and little thatched cottages too. I have the Beatrix Potter cookbook that is so beautiful and has wonderful recipes too. I think you would like it!! Phillip says he will take me to England someday and I can't wait!


I love England, it is so beautiful. I also love Medieval England, all the fairytales and knights. {sigh!!} Auberne'.

Susan P.

Clarice, I'm dreaming right alongside you:)


I love the thatched cottages, castles, and the whole fairytale-ish style of it all too!


Clarice, when you go to Lake District, I'm going too! I have dreams of going there one day and I'd love to try the Grasmere Gingerbread with you!


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