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Fall Cocktail

Happy First Day Of Fall !!!! May this be just the beginning of many perfect fall days. Since sangria's are no no more I have a fall cocktail to share, Pear-Rosemary cocktail. Hopefully there will be no pear incidents :- P
Pear-Rosemary Cocktail
First make simple syrup that can last in the fridge for a month.
In a sauce pan put 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and a large sprig of fresh rosemary. Set sauce pan over med-high heat and boil till sugar is melted. A minute or so. Set a side to cool. Then remover rosemary and refrigerate simple syrup.
Fill a shaker with ice. Add one jigger with vodka (I use less. I make a pretty weak cocktail or you could leave out the alcohol), I TBL. roasted pear sauce , 1 TBL. rosemary simple syrup, and 1/4 cup pear nectar. Shake, pour in glass and add 1/4 cup sparkling water.


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Happy Fall to you Clarice!!!


I have some homemade pear butter -- I'll bet this would work for the cocktail. I think I'll try it tonight. Sounds delightfully interesting.

(how do you come up with this stuff?)


I like the idea of pears and rosemary together. It sounds very fall. Love Mom


Lovely Autumn Picture!
And...I always love to read about 'new to me' beverage ideas!
We have been enjoying cider as well and just love the fragrance in our home!
Happy Autumn to you, Clarice and family!


Oh, that sounds delicious! I also like hot cider with rum on a cold fall evening!

Lady Laurie

You sound like me ~ I am such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol ~ a little dab will do me! This looks tasty!


I love it!! I think it sounds good. Keep up the good work! Love Auberne'. =}

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