Tangram Cards
Fall Cocktail


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Wonderful post, Clarice!

You have a lovely blog here as well and I'm sure you too are listed as many peoples favorite. :-)




Clarice--I love all these pictures, too! Thanks for sharing them... they are indeed yummy! Blessings, Debra


Thank you for sharing Clarice. Lovely pictures. And I like that each have a different style.


Great! Thanks for passing these along Clarice...right up my alley!

Susan P.

Oh boy, I get so excited when I get to visit new blogs! I think I'll shall go a brew another cup of tea and then do some "perusing!" Thanks for the wonderful tips!

Copper's Wife

ooooooo, new blogs to check out! Thanks! ;-)


I am so very VERY flattered to be listed as one of your favorite Blogs! Thank you my friend!
I enjoyed the other Blogs as well. :)


Now that was fun! Thanks for sharing them with us. I love pottering about these blogs -- if only there was more time in a day!


cherry menlove

I recognise that sign I'm sure.......Cherry xx


OK, now there are more great blogs for me to check out.


Wow. There are some incredible blogs out there. The last one was very interesting. Sigh, too many blogs and not enough time to read them all. Love Mom


Oh I could just jump into these photos! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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