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I have to say this is one of my most favorite things I have made. I wanted some kind of folder for us to have as a keepsake for the year. I came up with this paper-bag PG folder. You could make this out of any thing. But pick paper that is not to fine or to thick. I like the paper bags, because I like reuse and it is free. I will try to walk you through what to do. I am not go at explaining things. So if my directions do not make sense please let me know.



1. You want to cut open you bag. Cut down one folded sided and around the bottom, so I lays flat like above. Now cut off that extra square and the handles (if it has one). You will need to iron the bag. I like doing it after I cut it out, but you could do it now. Just use a medium setting with no steam.


2. Now you want to cut your bag. You want a total length of 28 inches. But length of sides 19. Width 12 inches. Use the picture to see the measurement.


The best way to do the point is to find the center and run a ruler from side to center. I suggest you make  a pattern to keep like I did. Then you always have that.


If you have a rotary cutter, that really helped to squared off the folders. But it does not have to be perfect and can be cut by hand. Now is when I would iron the folder.


3. To make a pocket, cut out a 10 x 5 " piece with leftover bag. Iron and glue down on center piece. Glue on sides and bottom.



4. The closer. We sewed on buttons. If you have heavy coat thread, that would be great. But regular thread is fine. Mark on the folder were you want the buttons. I used dental floss for the string on the closer. I tied one end of the floss to one button. Then just wrapped around one button then the next a couple of time.

Now just flip over and decorate. I will suggest if you are doing this with your kids, a couple days ahead you (mom) cut and iron the folders. When we did them we did the closure and pocket in the morning Then took a break and did the decorating in the afternoon. It is not a hard project to make. Just lots of little steps and this can be frustrating. So breaking it up helps. I plan on a making a bunch of these and decorating competition books as Christmas gifts this year. What I loved was seeing how our personality was so obvious. Chloe the horse lover, had her horse carry her books. Aubern’e the teen had a rock and roll skating rink. My French school, is were Mrs. Lovedove plans to retire to !!

Mrs. Lovedove is very tried after back-to-school week, so I am taking a couple of day off from the blog and will back. I  keep feeling I am missing someone who was sharing in the back-to-school week. If I did please let me know. And sorry. Wait until you see my kitchen queen I was given !!!


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That is so creative - and very neat that the kids can decorate it. Thanks for sharing.


What a great project ~ they look wonderful! I have really been enjoying all the back to school posts, Clarice...I'm glad you're sharing it with us!


Well Done! What great folders. Your individual personalities shine through so nicely. I have no idea what a "kitchen queen" is but I am waiting eagerly to find out! lisa


Cute idea! Now I have to find somewhere to shop that offers paper bags. LOL.


How creative & sweet! Love it!


Those turned out really cute. Mom


Wonderful project, Clarice! You are so creative!

Copper's Wife

These are very cute, and very clever!!

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