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I thought I would do back-to-school list of things I love. Well I love Lesley andSmall Meadow PressIn case someone did not get to see this, she has kindly made herhome-notes free for all. Even if you do not have children ther are some calendars that would be useful for all. Thank you Lesley !!

I LOVE French word of the day. I get a mailing everyday from them. It is palatable, yummy way to learn French.


I find words very. I think I got that for my mother. When I was a child she was always using words that I never heard anyone else say. Like brew-ha-ha. Which I use all the time. I use to tease my mother but really I thought she was quite clever. I think it is interesting to know about words and the history of them. I enjoy looking up words in the dictionary and in the 1828 dictionary and compare the difference.

I also love (which is why I am doing this list) Karla Dornacher. She have free downloads for teacher. Enjoy



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Hey Renee!
We've used many kinds of nature notebooks, but for the last few years we've gone to 3-ring binders with clear page protectors. The kids can write on lined paper (if they want) and do drawings on sketch paper or do paintings on watercolor paper or pressings and slide them into the page protectors. No goofed up pages in the book, no messes. They love it and so do I.


I've been enjoying the "Back to School" posts Clarice. Thank you for sharing all your good ideas.


Mrs. C

What wonderful links! I was not familiar with Small Meadow Press, but the things there look wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


LOL I just realized I thanked you for all the great links in the other comments section ;o) I love small meadow press, her things are just beautiful. We are going to be starting nature notebooks, but I haven't found any appropriate notebooks locally. They are all either with lined paper, or very flimsy. Where do you find yours?

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