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Meet Dumpling (her name use to be truffles, but I changed). She is all ready for school. She has her new dress (you know how important that is !!). In her lunch basket she has an apple for the teacher, her nature notebook, her favorite book Flower Girls and a hanky for any first day-of-school tears. Dumpling is not scared herself, but if any of the others children cry she will feel obliged to not let them cry alone. So she wants to be prepared.

Go check out Patchwork Pastiche. Mary has a great entry about not-back-to-school week. By the way Mary is a good friend of mine. She only live one block from me. Her daughter and mine are best friends. What I admire about Mary is she is so grounded in her choices and that she will be hating me writing this about her. She is much more modest then me !!!

Also check out In The Red House Renee has a great overnight crockpot oatmeal/rice hot cereal recipe. Thank you Renee!!!




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How sweet! Dumpling is just adorable. Thank you for your sweet words about my blog. And thanks for the great links!


Clarice, you're making me blush! Thank you so much for saying such nice things about me. They are totally not deserved. I did finally get the photos up of the finished notebooks, despite Blogger giving me fits. Thanks again for the kind words!


Dumpling is too sweet for words. Thanks for all of the great links. I just discovered
The Red House last week and fell in love with her blog. I hope your week went well.


Dumpling is perfectly wonderful and serves such a special purpose--how great is that!

Susan P.

Oh Clarice, I love Dumpling! Can I have her, pretty, pretty please?? LOL She is just adorable and she is certainly all ready for school:) I'm going now to check out your friend Mary's site!

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