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Ikk curriculum. I guess I can not avoid the subject with back-to-school week. I will say that if I can I try to use something other than curriculum. Like living books, real life experience, ect. But there are times when you need more. At this years curriculum sale I found some interesting curriculum.

Math is not my strong suite and Aubern'e borders on math phobic. So I have been looking for something interesting, easy, not too dry for higher math. I found Teaching Texbooks. I was hoping to actually have this before I posted but it will not come for another week. But I feel pretty confident recommending it. There are several lessons to try on-line. Both Aubern'e and I liked. Did I say I will also being doing the pre-algebra too. I need to learn it as well as Aubern'e. We liked it because visually it is appealing without being over the top (it has a comic book looks). Also they explain why you do something. I know there is a lot in math that I can do but do I understand why?? No. It also had lots of word problems, which is good for Aubern'e. It seems clear and easy to understand


I was so excited when I saw Brimwood Press: Tools For The Young Historian. Marcia has some wonderful hands-on units for history. My favorite was the Calendar Quest and Color The Western World. Calendar Quest tells of the history of the calendar, which covers 12 different historical periods. The calendar is used as a way to connect different parts of history. Calendar Quest is a story of two children traveling through time with father time. My very favorite thing was the coloring book Color the Western World. The sample does not show what a beautiful and interesting coloring book this is. It is large 17x11" and beautifully illustrated. It has bits of history from that time to use as a jump of point for more study. I rarely see beautiful, interesting, hands-on curriculum. I am hoping to get "What every child should know about western civilization".



Julie shared her wonderful back-to-school ideas. I loved the back-to-school hunt !!!! Thank you Julie for sharing.

I so enjoy homeschooling our three sons (Ben - 12, Caleb - 10 and Eli - 8).  Last week we had a back-to-school party with two other families, and I thought it would be fun to share my ideas.  The party was held in a lovely little one-room schoolhouse
down the road from us.  Here was our agenda:

- Notebook decorating - I provided each child with a notebook (bought
at a terrific back-to-school sale!), along with a pile of stickers,
foam pieces, rubber stamps/ink pads and markers.  They really enjoyed
this and spent longer at it than I figured they would!

- Scavenger hunt - Several days before the party, I visited the
schoolhouse and made up questions based on items in the schoolroom. 
Ex. Name the 2 presidents whose pictures are hanging on the walls.;
What page is "Silent Night" on? (they had to find it in the song book);
and so forth.  It was great fun!

- Trivia game - My friend divided the kids into teams and asked them
various trivia questions from cards about different subjects.  While
she did that, my other friend and I hid school supplies outside around
the property.

- School Supply Hunt - My friend decorated lovely little paper bags for
each child, and they used them to hunt for their designated number of
supplies (1 glue bottle, 1 glue stick, 4 pencils and 3 pens)

- Back-to-school BINGO - We played Bingo for prizes (fruit snacks and
cracker packs).

  For lunch I served a lunchbag type lunch - halves of pb&j, various
bags of chips, applesauce cups, juice boxes, little bitty water bottles
and cupcakes with a letter of the alphabet on each.  I decorated the
table with a lovely autumn-colored tablecloth scattered with tissue
paper leaves and leaf confetti.  All the food was served in pails or
baskets. It was great fun - hope you enjoyed hearing about our party


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That sounds like so much fun! We are going to officially start on Monday, and I've been trying to think of something to do to make it special.


These are the cutest ideas ive ever heard....who knew!!! Thanks for sharing!

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