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Well it is time for Autumn Corners. For some fall inspirations I am going to start this week with my mother's living room. Which she just did up for the fall. It looks so inviting and wonderful. Well done Mother !!!!

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I have been seeing all these wonderful garland around the net and decided to make one myself for my entryway. I am sharing it with you. Just click on the picture and it will be bigger. You can save it and print it up. I just cut out the ovals, then an an oval a bit bigger in pretty paper (on card stock) and glue the smaller one on top. One trick I did (and was glad), was to cut slits on the sides. Then I ran the ribbon thru it. I used a very long ribbon. Then I could slide the letters around. If I decided next year to use in in a different bigger place I can move the letters out. Enjoy

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Your mom's living room decorations look lovely. I love the banner you are sharing, thank you. Linda


I've just printed out your lovely letters. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is such an inspiration. I need to get over here more often!


Beautiful Autumn decor. This looks so warm and cozy and just a bit classy. The perfect combonation.


Your mom's living room looks beautiful ~ so many lovely decorating ideas for fall! Thank you for the garland!! I love garlands and like you, have been seeing a lot of them lately. Debbie


Clarice, your mom's livingroom is just gorgeous! I LOVE the leaves draped over the mirrors. The fall garland is definetely something we will be making! Thank you for the wonderful Autumn Corner!


Everything is perfect! And I loved your garland--thanks for showing us how to make it... (actually, thanks for giving us hope that maybe we can make something so lovely for ourselves... I doubt mine would be as perfect. heh.) Blessings, Debra


Oh pretty! And inspiring!
I just have to tell you that I have Susan Branch's "Autumn From the Heart of Home" displayed in my kitchen. I was delighted to see your mom had it out too! I have to go get my pumpkins -- it froze yesterday.


Lady Laurie

Your Mom's house is lovely ~ the pictures on the walls are beautiful.
Thanks for the garland idea, this is something I actually have room for in the rv!!


Clarice, your photos have inspired me! Your mom's decorating is beautiful and I like the garland, also. I'm in the process of decorating for fall, too. I'd like to make the garland but if not at least place these ideas in my holiday organizer for future use. Thank you so much!


Your mother has done a wonderful job of decorating. Thanks for the garland idea.


Thank you for sharing your mom's lovely autumn decorating with us!
I placed my Susan Branch book on display as well, along with baskets of is that time of year again, isn't it?
Lovely! Cosy andComfortable!


That garland is just adorable, Clarice! I don't think I'll have time to make some but just knowing that so many people like to decorate for the autumn makes me feel so warm!


I'm ready for cider and pumpkin pie....

Susan P.

Clarice, thank you so much for sharing your Mother's fall touches in her living room. They are just perfect! I just love the thankful banner and I think I will have to try that too! You have made it so easy for us! Thanks for the inspiration!!


Love the fireplace.
Looks like a lovely home too.

The garland is so FALL...
What a great idea!

Dianntha nice. I started my fall decorating too....but I must clean before I play but keep your ideas coming!

Mary T.

Of course it says Thankful! I went back to look again on a larger screen and there it was! Looking forward to next week!


Looking at your posts everyday is a breath of beautifully fresh air. Thanks for adding beauty to the world.


Sorry it spells out thankful

Mary T.

Very nice! I'll be posting some of my fall decorating attempts on my blog later today. What does your garland spell out (is it really a word or did you like the pictures?)


Your mother's autumn decorations are beautiful! Thank you for the garland, I'm printing right now.


Your mother's living room is beautiful! I'm amazed at how much you decorate. My decorating is non-existent, truly!

I have a question about the garland. How did you get the ovals a perfect oval. I suppose there is some obvious way and I'm just clueless. :)

Have a wonderful fall day!

Mrs. Pivec

Um, that's Clarice, isn't it. {{{blush}}}

Copper's Wife

Your mother's living room is lovely!! I like the garland you made....I've seen these about the 'net, too, and like the idea. I may work on a fabric one for next year!

Mrs. Pivec

Really delightful and sweet, Clarise. And thanks for thinking of us! :) I just may print these up myself! Looking forward to your other Autumn Corners.

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