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    One of my favorite things that make me think of fall is nuts: acorns, chestnuts, hazelnuts, ect. Here is a collection of autumn ideas all with the same theme. If anyone would like to contribute a post, a picture, an idea to autumn corners please let me know and I will post it. For example dear Joanne can I post your pictures of your autumn corners. Please, pretty please with caramel on top !!



    I stitched up this acorn pincushon with a tag, needle holder last year. The one above is the one I made for my mother. The one at top is the one I made for me. It is from Crabapple Hill Studio. I want to make everything from Crabapple. I just love Meg's things and wish I could meet her becuase I know just looking at her patterns, I would love her.


I love the childrens book Miss Hickory by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.


"Miss Hickory, a country woman whose body was an applewood twig and whose head was a hickory nut, must find a way to survive the fierce New Hampshire winter when her human caretaker leaves to spend the season in Boston"

1890 crochet acorn pincushion pattern


Wills cigarette card series: 1924 flowering


A chestnut coloring page

Honey nut squares


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Love your Autumn corner Clarice! I enjoy using old books in vignettes something so special about them! Blessings to you...


Thank you Clarice! I am in love with those acorn pincushions...what a beautiful picture of one on the books! I have checked out Crabapple Hill Studio(love the pears she has!) and also printed out the crocheted acorn pincushion pattern.

Susan P.

Your autumn corner was such a treat today. So many wonderful little "treasures" to look at! So much fun!! I think I'd like to read that book myself:)


Once again Clarice, you blessed us with some beautiful autumn inspiration.
I printed off several of your ideas, and saved your links to browse later.
I was also so excited to see you post an Elizabeth Goudge book:
"A Book of Comfort"
I am a huge fan of hers.
I know that you and I share similar taste in books and am always thrilled to spot books you post, that are also on my shelf or on display!
You did a great job in creating a lovely Autumn vignette with your books!
So lovely!
You, my friend, are so gifted!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


I love nuts too!
The arrangement with the stacked books is lovely!


Loving your blog. So many fun links on this post. Thanks for all the cozy homey inspiration!


wow, you gave us a lot. I love the needlework designs. I got some good ideas on how to use pieces. I like the way she used the blanket stitch to put them on a pellow on even in a picture frame. You could buy a premade frame and not worry about an exact size and blanket stitch your piece on a piece of fabric. I'm going to check out Heirloom Fabrics and see if they have any of the designs or fabrics. Love Mom


Clarice, I so enjoy your blog. You always have such interesting things. :)

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