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    Well ladies we received our yearly picture from Mrs. Lovedove in the mail, telling us that she will be returning at the beginning of the week. Mrs. Lovedove spends every summer in Provence. Above is her nature sketch of the lavender field below the house she rents every summer. Mrs. Lovedove need a whole summer in a lavender field to recoup and refresh for the new year.

    I bet you are wondering who Mrs. Lovedove is? Well there is a bit of a story behind her. When Aubern'e was six she was fascinated with the school bus. What is it with homeschooled six year olds and the school bus ? Anyways she thought Miss Frizzle drove the bus and was sure she was missing out on something. One day she informed me she was going to "school" (Now we do not call learning, school. We just learn! All the time!) At breakfast she came in with a backpack, all dressed. After breakfast she kiss me goodbye and went to take "the bus:. The bus was all our outdoor chairs and picnic table lined up in a straight line. Then Auberne` came back in the house and wanted to do "school". Which I found out meant she got to stand up and do show and tell, which is what she thought one did in school. Also read a picture book, draw a picture about it and have a snack. Wha-laaa, school done! After a couple of days doing this Aubern'e decided I needed a name and Mrs. Lovedove was born.

    Even though we homeschool year around, there is a rhythm to our year and over time I have learned to just go with the flow. Summers are always more laid back and in the fall there is a back-to-school bug. My girls always crave more structure in the fall after a relaxed summer. So every fall Mrs. Lovedove come home from France. Whenever Chloe wants to be doing more in school, she asks for Mrs. Lovedove. That is my cue. So in honor of Mrs. Lovedove's return, I am doing a back to school week. Sort of like summer corners but a week of school ideas. Recipes, crafts, stories, decoration maybe ever curriculum. Horrors :-P  I will be starting next Monday and I invite all to join me. If you have any ideas, please post them (or if you do not have blog send them to me). Let me know and I will post a link. You do not have to homeschool, heck you do not even have to have a children. We all learn, plus it could just be a cute corner of your home or a favorite breakfast recipe or snack. Come see me next Monday for fun back-to-school ideas!


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Mrs. Pivec

I am unable to reach you via e-mail, but I wanted to let you know that I have put together a post for the "Back to School Week". You can find it (and me!) at Golightly Place at Pivec

Looking forward to reading all the posts!


Oh gosh Clarice, what a beautiful post. You are wonderful storyteller.

Mrs. C

Oh, I can't wait until Monday to see the wonderful ideas Mrs. Lovedove will share!

Mrs. C


I love your ideas, Clarice...I mean Mrs Lovedove!


What a cute idea, I will have to think on how i can participate!


You and your family are adorable!
I love how you play and use your imagination!


You have the neatest ideas. Move over Martha!



Friends are the flowers in the garden of life


Oh, how wonderful!! I can't wait to hear all of the ideas!!


Mary T.

I believe I will need to go and visit Mrs. Lovedove and her fields of lavender next summer, or perhaps she is going for a brief respite for Thanksgiving?


Oh how lovely Clarice! you are clever! thanks for the comment on the John Betjemin poem check out this link for more poems


What a wonderful inventive idea! I adore that she summers in Provence.

Debi D

Mrs. Lovedove....I love it!


Great idea. I love the sketch. Thanks for the comment on my blog, that is how I found yours and just had to leave a comment. What a pretty blog you have. I gotta go check the rest of it out right now. I will visit often.

Susan P.

Charming post, Mrs. Lovedove!!

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