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Krisly Designs. I love her use of nature resources in a new way. Her feather tree is a favorite and I am wanting to make a bark moss runner. Make sure you look at her objects page.

I also love Alpineberry but her espresso praline muffin  just make me pine !!

Looking for some inspiration, check out Just as I Am. Her day 19 above.

At Safeway they have these yummy O Organic Ice Cream Bars. I had the coffee one. I liked them because the chocolate was a very good dark chocolate and because they did not use corn syrup but evaporated cane sugar. Yummy and healthy !!!

Vanilla Ice Cream Bar With Dark Chocolate

Blackberry Ice Cream Bar With Dark Chocolate

Coffee Ice Cream Bar With Dark Chocolate

Strawberry Ice Cream Bar With Dark Chocolate



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So if I eat a whole box of O - Organics, then that's a "good thing" right?


I really enjoy reading your blog. You have some wonderful ideas.

Art Tea Life


what you are saying is..

It's safe to try ANY and ALLL

of the "O" organic bars ?

gawd... I will ! I willlll !
You have made me crazy with want actually. I must I must!

xo- S.


Clarice, I love coming here. I rarely comment but had to tell you your latest posting was so wonderful! These quotes are beautiful and I am considering doing some journalling myself using these beautiful sayings. They are lovely. Also, they sell the organic icecream all the way up here. I will have to experiment. Thanks. You are doing a GREAT JOB. I so enjoy coming here to visit.

Mary T.

So many sites to check into and so little time this week. Thanks for all the ideas as always.

mary at alpineberry

I love coffee ice cream covered in dark chocolate! Thank you for the info on the O Organics.


Lovely! I *love* that quote!
So many great favourites much fun(wish we had a Safeway in our area!)
Clarice, thanks for the wonderful recent blog entries as well...I meant to comment and thank you for the oil cloth ideas/sources. Lisa and I are on the lookout for something local and will let you know if we have success!
You are the best!


We just tried some organic rice cream from Trader Joe's that was surprisingly good!
Love the quote at the top. It reminds me of this one that I like:

Happiness, satisfaction & contentedness
come from living ever day in its fullest
with appreciation for all that is.


Oh I'm glad to hear about these. I used to love eating these coffee covered with chocolate bars years ago but to hear that they are organic is an added plus. I'm going to buy them first thing tomorrow. They'll make a delightful breakfast for a Tuesday morning. Thanks for the tip.

Mrs. Staggs

Wow, lots of wonderful inspiration!
Thank you!


What a wonderful blog you have, and fantastic ideas too!!!!


Coffee with dark chocolate was my pick too! They are really fabulous. Creamy and rich. I love when Safeway puts them on sale (like I really need a reason to buy them).

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