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Thank You 100 Times


I can not believe I have written 100 posts. Boy can I talk !! I can not express what a blessing this blog has been. It has been such a blessing because all of you ladies. You have become friends to me (and those who are friends, you have been my biggest cheerleaders) and I am so appreciative of it. There are so many blogs, more then anyone could ever have the time to read. It means so much to me that you would choose to come to my blog. I hope this is a blog worthy your time. I want to be able to thank each of you in person, but that is a bit unrealistic. So I am having a giveaway. Now I am still deciding what vintage goodies to send, but I promise it will be yummy. So this is what I would love for you to do. Leave me a comment telling me what is you favorite idea, recipe and/or craft I have posted (I would like to get an idea of what all of you like, so I can post more of that) I will put all your names in box. At the end of the week, I will draw a name and let you know who won. Well I hope I have motivated you to play or if you have to work, turn that work into play xoxoxoxo

PS. I have had several questions about oil cloth, I will post about it later and  some links.

PSS. I made a mistake on the carrot salad. I wrote you add lemon zest, but I meant orange zest. I fixed the post but wanted to let you know.


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You have so many wonderful posts! But without having to think about it too much, I easily recognize that I like any and all of your food and cooking posts. You know I love to eat at your house :)


I've had the wonderful pleasure of meeting you Clarice so I'm at a bit of an advantage in posting this. Your friendly, gracious and genuine kind spirit are a gift that emerges in all the things you write about here. If I had to choose, I like the food! Congratulations on reaching 100 posts.


Happy 100th post Clarice! I love your blog, and like everyone else it is so hard to pick only one favorite post. Your laundry room makeover was great, and I am loving my lavender linen water, thanks to you. I really enjoy your recipes and movie recommendations. I could go on & on! I look forward to spending much time visiting at Storybook Woods.
Thank you,

Leigh Ann

Congratulations! I enjoy your blog with my morning cuppa every day. I'm still working my way through your archives. You have inspired me to start my own blog.

I think my most recent favorite post is about the Burgess books. My children and I are checking them out of the library this week. I also ordered the one about the ocean from Amazon because we live in a beach town.

Thank you. Cheers!


Although I sort of follow you like a Grateful Dead fan, I must say I love your travel stories. I know they are local but I'm sure lots of people enjoying seeing your area through your eyes. I also like your corners of the home. Happy 100th post.

Mrs. Linebarger

Oh, my...my favorite so far??? I've not even made it all the way back through your wonderful archives yet!! I'll have to name three things, as I can't choose just one.
1) Your summer corners!!!!
2) The lavender linen water idea.
3) The oil cloth for the kitchen drawer liners.

Your blog is just lovely, and it is one I enjoy stopping by daily!


I found your blog through Mrs.Catherine-I think we found Cat around the same time! I love your children's book reviews-I collect and read children's books also. I was going to say I really loved your dress up the doll post--who else besides me still dresses up doll? But then I saw at least one other person leave a comment about that being her favorite too! I love toys still...


ONE HUNDRED!!!! Thank you for sharing your ideas, your dreams, your talents, your energy and who you are. You have been a blessing to MANY more than you know through your blog dear Clarice! 100X thank YOU!!!! lisa

Susan P.

Clarice, congratulations! Your blog is one of the first I ever found and it is a part of why I got "hooked" on blogging. I love how you share your heart and your home with us. You know me, I am your fellow linen and lavender lover. I just loved the post you did on visiting the Lavender farm and I can't tell you how much I loved your post on the lavender linen water (recipe.) I use that so often when I iron my vintage linens. Oooh, it makes me want to start ironing right now. The smell is simply "heavenly!"


Congrats and blessings!!! I love the pictures of your home and how you change things so easily!

Of course, I like your lavendar water also!!!!


Clarice, I loved your post about your daughter's (I think?) Paris inspired bedroom. Sweet!

Mrs. Staggs

Congratulations Clarice!
You know what I like best about your posts? The way your heart shows in everything you do. You have a genuine desire to share nice things with us and are so sweet.
Thank you!
...and I still love that placemat purse you made with the wooden handles and the vintage button!


Congrats on your 100th post, Clarice! I do love coming here and every time I lose my favorites, I always put you back.

The Oilcloth Post sums it all up for me: pretty, practical, functional, but FUN. I will use that idea!

A close second would be the coloring pages and the birds because it caused my 12 yo ds, and my 8 yo dd to sit down with their 45 yo mama to COLOR!

Love to you,



I'm new here this week (from small meadow press, as I mentioned in my first post) but I'm reading through the archives. My favorites so far are the literary meme you recently did and the summer corners-I LOVE to see how other ladies live in their homes. My favorite blogs are the ones that include pictures.


My free-spirited friend. Your blog is truly a ministry to the weary, oft neglected feminine spirit. You're living proof that "to thine ownself be true" is an adage for all ages and seasons. Play is most definately an art that you have mastered.

Blessings and Fairie Dreams,


Congratulations! I just discovered your blog about a week ago, and I LOVE it!! I'm slowly reading through your archives. So far I have especially enjoyed your article about dressing up the doll, your comments in the literary meme on children's books (I LOVE children's literature!), and your summer corners. I can't wait to read more!
Blessings and joy,


Clarice, I love your blog and visit with you daily. I have been inspired by so many of your ideas, crafts, and book/dvd recommendations. Which do I recall most? Your laundry area ideas. Now I get my laundry sorted outside in the garden on an old table I literally saved as it was being put onto a roaring bonfire next door.The oil cloth idea! Now I know what to do with the good parts of a lovely old cloth that no longer looks nice on the teatable! Under the Greenwood Tree dvd which I ordered (it came from New Zealand...can you believe it is not available in England!)and watched once before a friend "borrowed" it.I also love to visit with your friends who have links on your blog. Congratulations to you today. Gill


Congrats on your 100 post!:) Your blog is one of the best ! You have shared so many wonderful things on your blog, but, my favorite is the Rosemary and Thyme dvd info. What a wonderful series :) And the neat planted easel and the desk blotter and oh it's just all nice :) Thanks.


WOW! 100 posts!
Clarice, I cannot honestly say which posts I liked best, because each post was a delight on it's own. I must tell you that I have learned so much through your cooking, homemaking and creativity posts, not to mention your book and movie recommendations. Then again, your summer corners were fun too!
I also LOVE all the artwork and collages you share/create...truly a joy to visit here!
Thanks for all your time, effort and creativity to bless the rest of us!
We love you!


Congratulations Clarice!!
I just love your blog and enjoy going back to re-read your archives! I have to pick *one* favorite??! I guess I will say your decorating and homemaking tips. I love your style and seeing how you display your lovely things in your home. I aso enjoy your recipes and book and movie review. I have several of your movie recommendations waiting in my netflix queue. :0)
Thank you for making such a beautiful place on the internet for us to visit.
Your friend,


Hello Clarice,

I may not often comment, but I link to you from my sidebar and enjoy coming here often : )

My favorite thing of yours hands down is the truly special eye you have for children's books. This is a rare gift and very moving. Honestly, it is the biggest reason I come back here again and again, as this area is one that truly means a lot to me.

All this, and such a lovely "rest of the blog" here too : )

God's Blessings to you Clarice, and I look forward to many more centennials...

Warmly, Wendy


Congratulations, Clarice! What a lovely body of work so far. I'm looking forward to hundreds more posts!


This has been so fun for me to see what idea you're going to come up with next. I'm so proud of your taking of a medium you are not the most comfortable with, writing. My favorite I think is the homemaking tips. I also really like your favorite things. I like it when you give links to some great site you've found like the books. I don't think I can pick just one favorite post. Love Mom


Hello Clarice! Congratulations on number 100! Keep up the good work!

Lisa L

Congrats on your 100th!!
I like the recipes and movie reviews. You seem to find obscure movies that I have not known of before. My favorite was, Under the Greenwood Tree. It is now one of my dd's and my favorites. I also liked your use of small lights inside your house, year round. Keep the yummy things coming!
Love, Lisa L


Happy Hundred!
I have really enjoyed your blog Clarice, and I happily admit that I've read every post!

I think one of my favorite posts was when you revamped your laundry room. The ideas you had were brilliant and cheery and made the chore of doing laundry more pleasurable. I like your homemaking tips! (Well, I love your cooking too and your decorating ideas and your book and movie reviews and, and, and.....)



Clarice, I'm so thrilled to admit that I've read every one of your 100 posts! Of course, I need to step out of the shadows and comment every once in a while. My very favorite posts are your seasonal recipes and I'm eagerly looking forward to all of your autumn yummies!


Hi Clarice,
Congrats on your 100th post!! I have enjoyed your blog so much and some of my favorite posts are those from the Summer Corners!! Blessings to you ...

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