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Thank You






It is very rare for me to be speechless, but I am. I am not sure I can take anymore birthday happiness. This year has been such a blessing, I will never need to celebrate my birthday again. Dear sweet Debbie at Homespun Living  sent me birthday goodies. I have never meet Debbie. We have chatted on-line and I deeply covet her home. I adore her blog, she is a fellow homeschooler that understand the journey. But to be so generous with someone she has never even meet. Well I wish had better words then thank you. Also thank you for such amazing gifts. Oh my gosh. Love the chocolate, the hankie, the handmade doll, the note-book (Aubern'es favorite), the tags and the pouch (Chloe and mine favorite). I keep saying this, but there is on-line the sweetest, creative, most giving people. I feel so honored to meet each of you. Thank you Debbie xoxoxox 


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I really like the look of your bathroom. I think that the gold framed mirror looks quite nice the way it is. Although it would probobly look great white also. :)


First time here...from Clarice's blog. I think your bathroom is cute-love the shelf especially. :)


Love this bathroom very nice and simple.....
Judy in Buffalo


I agree - this blogging community is filled with kindness! I love it that you've been homeschooling since your kiddos were "in the womb". It really is a process that starts early, isn't it! My oldest will start kindergarten in a few weeks and that will be when the "official" homeschooling adventure will begin. :o)


You're very welcome, and I hope you enjoy it...I had a lot of fun putting it together.
Thanks for all the goodness you share with us through your blog!


What perfect gifts for you! Yes, Debbie sent a very thoughtful gift, full of wonderful goodies!
So glad you two have *met* and that you are such a blessing one to another!
Enjoy those goodies!

Mrs. Staggs

You and Debbie are two of my favorite bloggers Clarice.
I think it is so nice that the two of you have become friends!


What a wonderful gift! You are so blessed!


What a blessing!
And so are you Clarice.

Susan P.

Clarice, Debbie's blog is up there as one of my most favorites! What a wonderful surprise to get something when you are not even expecting it, I think those are the best:) I totally agree with you about the wonderful ladies on the internet. These last few months have been such a blessing for me as well. Enjoy all your "goodies."


I'm a Debbie fan myself...I have rec'd a package from her and oh, what a delight it was~! (the apron giveaway)
Enjoy the lovely things she sent you...and again..happy birthday!

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