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If you think of me, please say a little pray. My computer has dumped all my favorites. I mean everything. Hundreds of sites, ideas, images. So I am a bit scrambling with the blog. If I am not posting all the time it is because I am trying to play catch-up with the blog. So please be patient. It will get better.
Here is my shabby chic desk. I have a lot of silver and pale colors. I am totally in-love with my desk. I did have this on my living room but it was more of a writing desk. Now I transferred all my things for my desk off the kitchen desk (that is a complete bomb, David and I can not agree on how to organize) and now everything is here. I have my lovely painting of a lady from Boston and my tea print from my sister.
You can see my wish cake box from my Dear friend Aurora and my silver cup from my sister xoxox. 
I had fun coming up with storage. I have a old silver/white bread box, wire basket, cups. It is hard to see but I made the desk blotter. I hope everyone has a little corner with pretty pencils, stationary, storage, ect. 


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Hi Clarice ~ I'm sorry for not having visited for a while, but I have been snowed under.
Your desk area is absolutely delightful...mine isn't half way as pretty!
Lovely...have a nice day my friend, K xx


Fab desk Clarice! you have a good eye for putting things together,your pictures are just lovely.


Your desk is lovely, and I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I love the old breadbox. What a wonderful idea. I just backed my computer up (actually the hub did) on a tape (?). I also backup my blog--just in case. I haven't printed every post out yet for the kids' books, and I'm terrified I'll lose it!


When things like that happen on the computer I am just useless. Even for simple problems I always have to call dh to the rescue. I love seeing corners of your home. Your desk is beautiful. I especially love the wish cake box.


Hi Clarice,
I *love* your shabby chic and feminine if you could just get all your files back and intact!
I am sure you will locate them with some patience and diligence.
Another 'I spy' on the lamp...looks so pretty and bling'ish!
Lovely spot!


Oh Clarice! I love the color of your walls and the fabric and I love your mirror and breadbox and well, everything! Thanks for giving us a peek into your home--what a delight to come here this Saturday afternoon and find your pictures. Oh, and as for your favorites--I can identify with that feeling. I went through that, too, a couple times, but then I opened my yahoo account (it's free) and I've kept my favorites there for years on the 'My Yahoo' page. Now, no matter how often our computer crashes or etc., etc., I never, ever lose my favorites! Just a suggestion ... (I love anything which makes my life easier!) :) Thanks again for your pics! Blessings, Debra

Mrs. Staggs

Oh my Clarice, it turned out just beautiful!
Hmmm, don't you just wonder....where do computer things go when they disappear?


Beautiful! What a nice place to work. I hope you get your favorites back- computers can be frustrating!


I do hope you can recover your favorites, Clarice. I love your desk many beautiful things here. Enjoy!


It turned out beautiful. Sorry the favs are still not back. I'm praying. Mom


The first thing I noticed was the lampshade. Did you make it? I love it.

I thought my computer had dumped my favorites but found that for some reason, it just dumped them into a folder. I think I found them by typing favorites in the search function ( or folders). I hate to get your hopes up if this isn't the case, but it's worth the look. Good luck.

Love your desk and everything!

Susan P.

I love your shabby chic "nook." How special:) It is so beautifully feminine and I love all the special little touches you have done to it. I know nothing about computers but whatever happened to yours sounds bad:( Hoping it all gets fixed soon.


I love your writing nook -- so feminine and so "Clarice." Please God, send Clarice her favorites back. Please


What a lovely work space, so pretty! Hope your favs all come back..I totally know all about computer nightmares! I will pray!!

Mary T.

Oh, you lucky woman! Your desk is awesome and all yours! You will be back up and running on your computer before you know it! You are Clarice, you are woman, you are in charge! Hugs, Mary


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your favorites. Big ((HUGS)). We just lost all of the music on our computer so I know how devestating it is.

Your little desk is so charming! I LOVE IT! And I see your new pretty laptop.
The mirror is so beautiful! Wow! I'm getting my MIL's rolltop desk tomorrow and I am feeling inspired looking at your wonderful writing nook.


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