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See what envy does !!!


The envy all started when Alison at Broncante Home posted this amazing washer/dyer. I am soooo in love with this but I am sure it does not fit in my beer budget. But I believe in knowing what you want, then trying to figure out how to do it in your budget. So I painted my washer and dyer. And for $2.50 and a 1/2 of my time to boot.


All I did is buy a $1.99 stenciled and some 50 cent red acrylic paint. I taped the stencil on and painted flowers. I painted a few, let it dry and then over lapped some more.


I wanted to share this for two reason. One to motive you to pretty up your laundry area. But for a bigger, second reason. Let's be honest, I just slapped this paint on and it is not the best job in the world. I could have picked a much more elaborate (and expensive) stencil or try to paint it free hand. I could have spent a good hour carefully painting my flowers, I could have gone back over it to perfect it more. But you know it is in my basement and it is good enough.


I wanted to share this because I have some friends who will not do something or keep putting it off out of fear it will not be good enough. Of course we all want to be happy with what we create and if this was in a room were I sit and look at my washer I would have been more careful. But I did not want to make this too big of a deal. So let go of the fear, procrastination, perfectionism and just have fun. Mostly just embrace that fun !!!


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I love the washer and dryer. I think the color is pretty. Love Auberne'!

Rebecca M

Okay, I know it's a little late, but I just wanted to say that is a REALLY cool washer and drier. ^_^ If my washer and drier actually lived in a room instead of a closet I would love to do something like that. Oh well. Someday. =)


Wow, what a great idea!


I l,ove what you did there!I was going to cover mine with a curtain but I may just change my mind.My utility room is next on my list infact the tiler is here today!I can't wait as it act as my 'studio' too!!




That's another great idea. I think it looks fabulous and I may even try this. I am moving to a new house next week, only two streets over, due to military housing demoliton, so I think this may be a fun project to do once I get there.


Clarice, I love it! It really brightens up the room. :)


Wow, looks great Clarice! Thanks for the reminder to let go of're right, it can really spoil the 'fun'.


What a great idea! I don't think my dear hubby would like me to stencil on our fairly brand new washer and dryer, but I am thinking that the wall might be a good idea!


Well done! Your appliances look great! ~lisa


Oh, yours is even better just because you did it. That red is just gorgous!! Love it!!


Now here's a weird thing.....I just looked at the same washer/drier at Brocante and thought that I would also do something like it! First off, I added my oilcloth red/white polka dots to the top of both my washer/drier and now I'm thinking decals or something fun for the rest of it. I LOVE this idea and it sure does brighten up the laundry room! Three Cheers for Clarice!!!

Mrs. Pivec

Woo hoo! Nice job! It's so cheerful! One great way to make a not-so-fun chore into a space to make you smile!

Leigh Ann

I think this is wonderful. I have been working on my laundry room ever since I read your post. I have it cleaned out now and it does need a little prettiness. This fits the bill! And I bought some pink paint today. I know what we are doing for our rainy day activity tomorrow. Thanks, Clarice for the inspiration and "kick-in-the-pants." Cheers! LA


Your work looks just great. I agree with the sentiment about perfectionism, it can be such a spoiler. I'm sure there are many things never attempted not because they can't be done but for fear they won't be good enough and we will be judged inadequate if not by others then by ourselves. We wouldn't want our children to give up before they have even tried so we should set a good example. As they say in Australia,"have a go you mug".


Oh, how fun!!! You did a great job and your laundry area looks so cheery!!!
I may have to "borrow" your idea when I get around to painting my laundryroom this fall! ;0)



It's fun and fabulous. I agree with you--do what your heart and instincts dictate in terms of your creativity and something wondrously marvelous will come out of it.


Wow! I am impressed and at the same time making a mental note for when I get around to decorating my laundry room. I never would have thought to paint my washer/dryer.


Clarice--I love it! It's great to be inspired by pictures and other peoples' ideas--I rely on them all the time for ideas around my house. And my laundry area is in my basement, too, but your area looks modern and beautiful compared to my area's dungeon-like appearance! :) Again, great job! Blessings, Debra


Wowsers, your are talented & brave, how great!!!


great idea! I jollied up my central heating boiler by applying pretty rose decals,just because its practical doesnt mean it cant be pretty!


I love it! And I sure needed motivation for my laundry room. It used to be cute and vintage looking (advertising signs, a real antique washboard and all) but it has gotten cluttered and tacky. Thanks for the push, Clarice!
I needed it.

Maybe I need these Laundry Room Curtains? I've been looking at them. Hmmm. What do you think?


Clarice, I love it! I think I love it even more than your inspiration. Wonderful job...and thanks for the encouragement. Maybe you should make this a formal challenge...what would you try if you knew you could not fail...hmmm...


What a good idea Clarice!
I appreciate your thoughts on just having fun with things and letting go of perfectionism. I learned to be much better at those things after my son was of the greatest gifts that he's brought into my life.
Hope you're having a nice weekend!

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