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I hope to post every couple of weeks a different sketchbook. I find it very helpful and inspiring to see others books. I really enjoy Susan Cornelis sketch books. I like that not only does she have nature one, but travel and every day things. I think there is a lot around us that we should observe but do not think about. There are times when I look at that plain white page and do not know what to do. Seeing others books, helps me bravely start sketching !!!



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My nature notebook has been sitting idle for too long! I hope to have time soon to get back to it; maybe like Jody I need to browse through Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.
Thanks Clarice!


Such a lovely artist....she is so gifted and has some beautiful watercolours!
Love the Russian countryside she paints!
I have it in favourites to take time to browse more later...
Thanks for sharing Clarice!

Mary T.

You are amazing! You find such incredible things for us to look at and be inspired by! (P.S. Did you get my email with Mary Jane's magazine pic?)


Oh, what a great post! I have been meaning and meaning to finally, finally start a nature sketch book and I think this is inspiration enough to start. Thanks!

Debi D

Thanks for inspiring. Although I can't draw very well freehand, makes me want to do this. You are right about missing so much around us.
BTW I love all that you share here...what a treasure trove of so much more-than-just-information
Thanks Clarice!

Susan P.

Fall would be such a wonderful time to start doing this!


I haven't sketched in such a long time and I'm glad you're going to feature some sketchbooks here on your blog. It really does help to kindle the fires that have slowly died out. I'm going to pull out one of my favorites -- Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden.
Thanks, as always, Clarice.

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