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Lavender Linen Starch


I was at Mrs. Wilt's Sparrows Nest and read her post about using laundry starch. I have never used starch before. But dear Joanne sent me some yummy linens and they were so beautifully starched. I was thinking I would like to make my own and make it smell yummy. Plus it would be cheaper and I aways want to do things myself. So I looked around the internet, played with some recipes and came up with this one. I was thinking how a bottle of this and a bottel of Linen water would make a lovely gift. You could use any essential oil. I just like to use lavender. It seems to work well.

Lavender Linen Starch

Dissolve 1 tablespoon cornstarch in 1 pint cold water. Add 6 drops of lavender essential oil. Place in a spray bottle. Shake before using.


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I am lazy and just wondering in order to make your linens crisp and plesantly scented with this home made spray, do I have to iron them or will the spray be enought?


I've never used Starch either but it would be nice to try and your recipe for it sounds nice. I've used other linen sprays and they were only for the smell which is not a bad thing, but they didn't press crisp.


Great recipe. I like them simple, cheap and natural as possible. I have never startched an item in my life but it sounds kind of a spa treatment for my vintage linens.

Mrs. Linebarger

Well, I'm about convinced that starch is a good thing! I clicked the link to the homemade linen spray, too!! Thank you, thank you for that!! I LOVE the lavendar linen sprays, but they can be expensive. I love that I can make my own and adjust the amount of fragrance in it!


Thank you Clarice! I do mix up my own starch using StaFlo concentrate...but I'm sure your recipe is much more economical. I can't wait to try it with the lavender oil.
And I just love that picture of the girl ironing!

Susan P.

I made that lavender linen water that you gave us the recipe for and I just love it. I spray my vintage linens, especially my handkerchiefs,right before ironing and it makes them smell so lovely! Confession time: I have been married 24 years and NEVER starched anything (Susan with red face now!) Maybe I will try this method, I'll let you know how it works:)


Oh, good idea about the linens. They are always so nicely starched when you buy them. I'll have to try this one day when I feel like ironing with some of my limp vintage linens. Mom


That sounds wonderful.
Thank you for sharing.

~ Christina
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