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lvonna at Cream Puffs In Venice theme for August is Italian Terrace, for the cookbook "Recipe's From An Italian Terrace" by Valentina Harris'. I can not think of a better theme for August. Actually I can not think of a better theme for any month, but it is a good choice for August. So in keeping in the spirit I will share my recipe for prosciutto wrapped chicken. There are lots of versions out there of this dish. Some are breaded, some add cheese, some pound the chicken. But I like this recipe because it is quick and simple. Add some fresh sliced tomatoes, simple salad, bread, heaven !!

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
ground pepper
1/8 cup olive oil
4 large basil leaf or 8 whole fresh sage leaves
8 very thinly slices of prosciutto
Salt and pepper both sides of chicken breast. Set basil on chicken breast and wrap 2 pieces side by side of prosciutto over the basil and around the chicken.

Heat olive oil till hot and add chicken basil/prosciutto side down. Turn heat down to med and cover pan and cook 10 minutes. Then flip chicken over, cover and cook 5 more minutes or till chicken it done.

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YUM! May I come eat at your house?


What a great meal for summer, Clarice. I was just looking at prosciutto at the grocery I'm wishing I had bought some. Thank you,


Sounds like a lovely summer dish. I'll file it away for later.

Mary T.

This is going on the menu list for next week. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hugs to all!


Oh, that sounds yummy and easy too. Mom



That is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing such a treasured recipe.

What a lovely painting!


Sounds yummy! I'll be making this soon! Don't you just love the Cream Puff blog? I've made so many of those recipes and they're all good. Thanks for sharing this one! PS- where do you find all these beautiful pictures to post?


What I like about this recipe is how light it sounds. I have noticed this summer that I am not into heavy, creamy (although I can eat cheese at any time of the year) sauce laden meals. Last night we had a delectable mean of baked catfish (from Cook’s Illustrated) with a light coating of crackers, mustard & seasonings with some steamed courgettes and it was perfect. I kind of stay away from most Italian recipe books (loaded with gluten) but I can make this recipe you posted.


I would love to spend time on that terrace Clarice! My son went to Italy a few years ago and he loved it.
In the meantime, maybe I will make him this wonderful sounding Italian dish. Thank you for the recipe!

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