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Last week was the local fair. The girls and I all entered things. Our lambkin's and the Scotty. We all won ribbons a total of 11. Chloe won three for her needle-felted doll. Best in class, best in category and first place. I have to say I was quite amazed at the skill and creativity of the children’s entries over in the 4-h section. It made me so happy to see such creativity and skill. I got lots of ideas!!!!

I do get frustrated on some of the judging. Like they wanted to know what my cupcake was (Like is it a pincushion, a birth party gift). Why can't it be just a cupcake??? But the girls are already working on things to enter next year. I am battling not getting sick or I have bad allergies I can not tell. Anyways my posting my be sketchy over the next few days. Have a yummy Thursday!!!



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Congratulations to all of you - what an amazingly creative family!!! I hope you feel better soon!


You girls are AWESOME!
What a rewarding time at the fair. Great pictures and I'm sure this time that IS YOU, Clarice, by the fireplace (cute outfit!).


Oh, and hope you feel better soon, Clarice. Have a lovely, restful weekend!


Congratulations to all of you, what a great job! I always love to go to the fair and check out the entries. This is the first year my kids didn't have something entered. You'll have to tell us more about needle felting; sounds interesting!


Well done to all of you. The local show(fair) here has so many rules for its handicraft section you almost need to go to lessons to find out what they want.Hope you are winning the battle with the lurgy and feel better soon.


Congratulations!! Very exciting for you all!


Way to go Chloe! She must be walking on cloud nine with a triple win.

Copper's Wife

Congratulations on all the fair ribbons!!


Well done!!! lisa


Thats so sweet congratulations!!! Adorable to enter those, I love when kids get really into crafting!


Congratulations. I think the 4H is a great organization and they do come up with wonderful things.


Congratulations on all the ribbons.

I hope you feel better soon!

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