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How To Make A Desk Blotter

I thought since I was sharing my desk, I would tell you how I made my desk blotter. The great thing about making your own (besides being able to decorate it) is you can customize the size. Mine is 22x12 1/2 inches. I got the idea from Mary Engelbreit Magazine. I took a piece of foam core cut to the 22x12 1/2 inches. I cut a piece of silver paper (left-over wrapping paper) an inch bigger. I wrapped the paper around to the back and glued and taped the edges.
Your corners do not have to be perfect because the will be covered up. Next out of heavy card stock I cut a piece 12 1/2x3 1/4. I wanted pockets to slide small cards in. So I cut a pieces of silver paper 4x5, gave it an extra inch to wrap over foam core.  Then I cut a piece of the blue swirl paper (stationary) to fit the rest of the strip but an inch bigger. I wrapped the paper on the inside, side. So now I have my side piece. First I wrapped the top and bottom to the back. This is were you will see your corners so be careful. Again gluing and taping edges. Then finish wrapping the outside, edge to the back, gluing and taping. Now as you can see in the pictures there are places to slide in cards.
There are different ways to make a desk blotter, this is how I made mine. I am not good at directions. I would rather make it with you. If what I have written does not make sense, please let me know.


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I love your desk blotter so much that I got the supplies to make my own this week.
Yours is so pretty and I like all the little thigs you have tucked in the sides. Thank you for the wonderful idea!


Maybe now I have room to put one of these on my desk!


What a neat idea! I wish I had a desk so that i could make one!


The pictures help in understanding the directions. It's very pretty. Good idea. Mom


How smart! There's no room on my desk for a blotter! (Well, actually, it's all on the floor still!) hehe

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