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I was over at These Foolish Things and was inspired by how she made new outfits for her bunnies. But being lazy, I did not want to sew.      I have a closest stashed with dozens of dress, in dozens of sizes. I pulled out this antique baby coat. I LOVE the deer on it. Found one of my girls dolls (which was in a corner of the basement, in some horrid disco outfit. EKKKK). I quickly undressed her and tied a pretty toile ribbon around her head. Added a vintage pin and set her on a chair in my living room.. Thank you Gena for the inspiration. I am now working on a back-to-school bear complete with a plaid Mary Jane dress and a lunch basket with an apple, hankie, ect. I will show you soon. So I dare you to find a doll, a stuff animal, a small child. Go through those baby clothes and dress them from head to toe !!!!




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Too cute, Clarice!!! Wanna come for a visit...I have a few dolls you could "make-over"...what fun!


Clarice, I love you dressed-up doll. Cute!




Hello! I had to come say hi because my mother's middle name is Clarice and I think its a lovely name and so is your blog!


Oh Clarice! how lovely does she look! I am still shuddering at the thought of the disco oufit :) and what an adorable face she has,well done,glad you liked the bunnies!(they are rather threadbare,too many hugs)

Mary T.

Too-o-o-o Cute! I love her bow and vintage pin!


What a wonderful idea! Reminds me to think about all other things that I've gotten so used to seeing around that I no longer really SEE them. Your doll is beautiful.


Oh, I just love that doll...so pretty and dressed so well! What a great idea to use ribbon and a vintage brooch!
You are so creative, Clarice...I continue to marvel!


What a dear old doll. She looks very happy with her new clothes after all everyone needs a new outfit occasionally


Oh, you are clever! She's adorable. I'll have to pass on dressing a doll for now, I'm still working on our ladies writing table. I can't keep up! Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas~ lisa

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