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Summer Corner #8

Crescent Meanderings


Do you have one of those friends that you have known forever (well it seems forever. In the best sense of course). One who has known you since you were a silly, dreaming girl with no hubby, no children, no mortgage. That is Mary (and a few more friends who I will mention another day). We met in the church bathroom, both crying over the latest jerk. A friendship was born. We would get together every Friday night with strawberries, a wedge of brie and a bottle Sutter Homes white zinfandel. (I will not tell them how we would go punk dancing on Wednesdays after bible study in our leather pants !!) We would giggle, dream, cry, talk and talk. Dear hubbies tease that 25 years later nothing has changed. We can not see each other for a year and we pick right up, like it was just yesterday !! How lovely to have a friend you can just be you with. And who remembers how good you looked like in those leather pants !!!!
Mary has started a new blog
Cresent Meanderingscheck it out.

Ohh Mary is on the right and I am on the left.


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Such a beautiful pair you are! Nice to 'meet' you, Mary!
Clarice, you loved pink(lavender)then, you love it now!
Tres femme!


Great picture of you two gals...thanks for introducing us to Mary.
Take care, Kali

Miss Eagle

Wonderful, Clarice. Nothing like old friends. I try to stay in touch with old employers. One slipped through my fingers and the other day, quite by accident, I happened to ring up a company to enquire who their new CEO was and guess who? We've done lunch and I am so pleased to have these people who can still come into my life as a milestone of remembrance.

BTW, you have been tagged at The Trad Pad at


Yes, I have a friend like that and he promised never to show that picture of me in a white suit at grad night in disneyland...


Wow--Clarice, you look identical to Aubern'e! Such fun :)


Love those 80's fashions. You are right to treasure those old friendships. It is so easy to grow away from people especially if you have moved from state to state.


Oh how fun! I loved your story and I loved your picture... so great to finally see you! I have one friend who I've known since I was 14 and she was 12... oh long ago! We wrote letters for so many years and now we email... We haven't seen each other in 23 years--but it doesn't seem that long at all... How wonderful that you get to visit with your friend once a year! Thanks for sharing your story, Clarice.... Blessings, Debra


I'd like to know where you too were off to. You're sure dressed up and looking sharp for some reason. Pretty girlfriends.


What a great picture! It looks like you two are off to have lots of fun together. I will be sure to check out Mary's new blog!!

Mrs. Linebarger

Cute picture, and wonderful story. What a blessing your friendship must be! I'll be checking our Mary's new blog!

Mrs. Staggs

Yes, I do have a few friendships like yours with Mary and I treasure them, as I can see you treasure yours with hers.
I've only worn leather pants on a motorcycle and I was the sort of girl who would rather go to the Dentist for a root canal than to a dance!


Oh my, I don't remember that picture. Where were you going? Yes, Mary you were and are good looking. Mom

Mary T.

Good Grief! What a way to start my day! Can you believe it, tears are in my eyes as I look at this photo. I was just remembering your bedroom (and Dave S. sitting with a pair of sunglasses on in the middle of it) the other day as our own soon to be 19 year old daughter's bedroom was being discussed. We sure were (and still are) good looking weren't we? Love ya, Mary

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