Cupcake Love
See what envy does !!!

And The Winner is


Tracy at Seaside Enchantment is the winner of a 100 thank-yous. Sorry Tracy seeing your present is sort of a spoiler but I thought the other ladies would want to see it. I got the wonderful China Wear dishtowel at the Christmas House and thanks to Debbie's wonderful gifts I got the idea to decorate a composition-book. Thank you Debbie, I hope you do not mind me copying you !! and Tracy if you want it a dark chocolate pecan/rasin bar ???? Remember dark chocolate is good for you :-)


I also want to show something I made with leftover oilcloth. I had these odd skinny pieces. So I trimmed the edges with pinking shears. I folded them in thirds and added ric-rack to hold down the front flap.


I cut the top piece a little skinnier so it would lay under the ric-rack. Since I did not want to pin the oil-cloth (and have little holes) I found taped worked well (as you can see below). I just sewed up each side. I found it was best to start at the bottom fold, (not like in the picture below, this is were I made my mistake and found out I needed to start at the bottom) it did not slip around. Also you have to gently pull the fab as you sew. But really it was easy and a nice way to use up leftovers.


I just wanted to thank you ladies for the kind words and feed back. It is funny I thought there would be one or two things you ladies all loved but each of you picked different things. So the message I got is to just keep on doing what I do. I have some great homemaking ideas I will be posting over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

You ladies are the best xoxoxo


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I'm so happy for Tracy~what beautiful gifts, Clarice! I love the little oilcloth pouch you made; it reminds me of Cath Kidston fabric. So glad that you used the notebook idea...I saw it done on Martha Stewart Living some years ago...yours came out great!


Congratulations Tracy! Clarice, all of the gifts are wonderful!!! I LOVE the scottie dog notebook. Too cute!!



Congratulations Tracy!
Clarice all the gifts are lovely and so reflective of your sweet nature. I'm so glad you took the leap into blogging. You are doing a marvelous job. Just do what makes YOU happy with it, then your personality will come through. That's what we're all here for!


Congrats Tracy :) LUCKY :)
Thanks Clarice for all you do , too sweet :) Yes, please keep bringing us the wonder info on your blog!!!!!:) :)

Susan P.

Congratulations, Tracy! Clarice, just keep doing what you'e doing, that's why we love you:)


Oh Clarice, how lovely! This is the first time I've "won" by entering a blog contest. Thank you!

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