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I think I have found the perfect liner for my drawers (boy that does not sound good, does that !) I tried that peel and stick liner, hated it. It was hassle to cut, it only stuck in parts. It did not all lay flat and wrinkled. So it was hard to clean. I found in one draw melted butter and I really could not get it cleaned out of the wrinkled liner. I decided to try oil cloth and love it. My cabinets are hand made and not your typical size. But oil cloth is really wide so I could cut a piece to fit. It is easy to cut. I was able to write on the back side what drawer it goes with. Now oil cloth is not cheap, $8.00 a yrd. But it is wide yardage and I think it will last a long time. So every few weeks a I will buy 2 yards till I get all my drawers and cabinets lined. I mostly like it because it is easy to pull out and set in. That will make clean up so quick. Plus it looks so pretty. I also lined my medicine cabinet with it. Hopefully it will be helpful to some of you.



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The oilcloth you picked if so pretty. I have been looking at the same pattern for making diaper bags but I have never sewn on it. I should probably just buy it and try it since it is so pretty!

Sharon Larkin1

Gosh, Clarice, $8 a yard sounds pretty good to me! Oilcloth is very expensive over here in the UK ~ so far the cheapest I have seen is about £13 which is roughly $24 according to the currency converter LOL When I did a "deep-clean" and sorted out my kitchen, I wanted to use oilcloth to line my drawers and shelves but have had to use a temporary stop-gap, which is a plastic tablecloth...Have to say it hasn't been terribly successful as it just isn't heavy enough to lay flat, especially on the shelves ~ think I may have to start buying oilcloth a yard at a time!


YOU are so SMART! I love the idea of using oil cloth for drawers and cabinets. Bravo Clarice!


I never thought about doing my pantry. It would look so cheerful. Thanks to Monica for the pantry idea and thanks dd for the oilcloth idea. Mom

Susan P.

Do you know that one time I felt so "defeated" by that "peel and stick" stuff that I actually sat on the floor and cried:( This sounds like a wonderful idea and it is such a happy and cheerful look.


What a fabulous but practical idea ! and yes that peel and stick stuff is a nightmare!


Hi, I found you through Lesley's blog. (small meadow press) This is my first time here.
I have a sunflower theme in my kitchen and I have several rolls of small sunflowers (print from Wal*mart) for my kitchen drawers and cupboards. My mom used to tack her liners down instead of trying to peel and stick them. I've only done a few cupboards so far and actually need to redo the ones I've done as I didn't tack them and the ends are rolling up. :(
If I can find some sunflower print oilcloth I'll have to try that. Thanks for the idea.


They turned out beautiful. I love the red strawberries against the blue background. You'll smile everytime you open that drawer.


Oh, what a great idea!!! I've never heard of oil cloth but I will ask for it next time I visit the fabric store. I love the print you is so happy looking!


Mrs. Linebarger

Oh, Clarice, what a terrific idea!! And thank you for the reminder that I don't need to buy enough to do the WHOLE kitchen at once....I like the idea of buying just a yard or two at time! Last time I looked, Jo-Ann had several cute prints that would look nice in my kitchen drawers. Thanks for sharing this idea!


Oh, what a great idea, Clarice! I've been through the same hassles as you only in my pantry. I'm picturing cute oilcloth lining the shelves now. Perfect solution!


Love it! I recently lined my laundry room shelves with oilcloth. I found a great resource with very reasonable prices & a big selection:

I really reccomend them (and I don't work for them :)


The only oil cloth I have seen is here, online, for Cath kidston. I must have a look in the fabric shops here.
I am also looking for an oil cloth book bag and am tempted to order a Cath kidston on ebay...I am watching...
Great ideas again, Clairce!


That looks so beautiful - how inspiring! My drawers could use some relining, too.


This is such a grand idea--what I have now is horrid and I've been wanting to change it. Thanks!

Mrs. Staggs

Oh I agree..this is a great idea Clarice! Just recently I've been thinking I need to clean out my kitchen cuboards/drawers and reline them.

Tracey Buxton

FABULOUS idea!!!!!! I must check next trip to the fabric store for some cute vinatge-y looking oilcloth for my cupboards!

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