Zucchini cake with lime curd and whipped Cream Fraiche
The Burgess Bird Book For Children

5 Things


I was not thinking when I posted the zucchini cake recipe yesterday, I wanted to say this cake would be good with whole wheat pastry flour or spelt flour. I find 2/3 of whole wheat and one third white works well. I am still playing with this. I am trying to eliminate as much white flour and white sugar with out loosing the integrity of the dish. Also other sugar would work fine. I actually used evaporated cane sugar. Lastly I made this cake somewhat plain because I wanted it to be a backdrop to the lime curd and cream. So I did not add any spices. But you could make just the cake and add spices or ginger or grated zest. Really anything play with it. Lastly I know several of you out there have lotssss of zucchini and are looking for ways to use it. I thought this Saltimbocca of Zucchini  looked really good. Enjoy what you eat, eat what you enjoy !!!!

I have been taged by Tracy at Seaside Enchantment!!!

1. Five things in my freezer:
blueberries, homemade yogurt popsicles, oat flour, Trader Joes chicken Monterey Jack cheese tamales, marinating steaks
2. Five things in my closet:
LOTS of purses, a beautiful pearl grey linen skirt I made, my dear daughters clothes (we share), cedar (it is cedar lined), a big basket filled with dozens of white lace hankies I have been collecting and can not decide what to do with.
3. Five things in my car:
Toby Mac CD, insulated bag to hold cold food, cup holders from Starbucks, a movers blanket, Chronicles of Narnina on CD
4. Five things in my purse:
My dark green large sun glasses, cigartte case that holds my credit card (it says I love Paris and is pink), a sequined bag to hold my change (it looks like a skirt and is pink), Chloe’s pink sunglasses (because she forgets them all the time), and espresso glitter lip-gloss
5. Five things in my wallet:
Ohh my wallet is boring just credit cards and my drivers license. No pictures or anything.
Picture by my daughter Chloe


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What a beautiful photo! I enjoyed reading your MeMe answers. :)


I am really hoping to make the cake this weekend! ~ thanks for the tips. I am always looking for ways to sneak in whole wheat flour (which my kids don't always appreciate).
A great picture, Chloe!


I love all the wonderful details you share with your *five things*....it brings each item to life!
Love the photo, Chloe!


Maybe you can answer this on Monday, but how do tags work? I see them on a lot of the blogs but I'm not sure how they work. I'm drooling for that cake still.


Thanks for the extra info on the cake!
Beautiful photo Chloe!
Thanks for telling me about your husband's motorcycle. I rode for years with my husband Clarice, but really much less once my son was born. Always wear pants, sensible shoes and a helmet if you should decide to ride.
Oh so important my friend!


I'll say it because I know someone is probably thinking it, how do you fit a cigar box in your purse? ;-b Mom


Did you take the picture of that sky? Amazing colours, almost scarry.

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