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Happythings I like this blog and loved her Mama Backpack Tutorial !!

I LOVE chocolate. The darker the better. My all time fav is Dagoba chocolate bar with Lavender and dried blueberries. Ahhhhh heaven !!! 

They have some wonderful recipes on their site. But my other favorite thing is red wine (especially with chocolate) I thought this list of pairing of chocolate with food and wine was very interesting.

I adore this cooking blog Cream Puffs In Venice. Just this Strawberry Tiramisù alone, makes me melt !!!!! 

Lastly I love Tongue In Cheek. Cory has an an amazing eye. But I had not seen her Pandora's Box. How fun is that. Very Inspirational !!!


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That is so funny, we have the same favorite chocolate bar. I have loved the lavender and wild blueberries since it first touched my lips. I've yet to meet another chocolate I like more (Except possibly Pamela's brownies but they are more like perfect cousins with each other rather than something to compare).

Susan P.

Clarice, thanks for passing on these favorite links. I had never heard of Tongue in Cheek and have just spent the most enjoyable time exploring her blog. (I won't say how long!!) Absolutely charming! Thanks for sharing!


Neat links, Clarice. "Tongue in Cheek" is one of my favorite blogs too -- love her style. May I ask what scrapbook program you're using? I'm digging your digital creations!



Hi Clarice, I'd be honored to be included in your Summer Corner listing. :)


yes I am with you on the chocolate! and the red wine,however I have not tried the two together,hmmm,wheres the bottle opener!


Thank you for all those wonderful blogs and ideas...you have such creativity and such great taste! I love Corey's blog and am amazed at her giftings in word and picture!
I sure could use that chocolate/wine combo today!

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