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Summer Corner #7


I just have to say it is now in the low 80 and high 70. Halleluiah !! I do not take heat well. If it was 72 that would be perfect to me !! Also if you have not seen it, look at Kelli's There's No Place Like Home wonderful back porch. Now that is very inspring !!
One of my happy memories when I was younger was the outdoor concerts we would go to. Maybe it is the cater in me, I am always up for a party !! But it seemed so festive to be surrounded by everyone. All with our picnics, enjoying the music, the surrounding, nature. Of course to being a foodie, there was the food. I loved to look around and see what others had brought. See their set ups. Some it was just plastic cups, some fruit and bread. But others had these elaborate set ups, like something out of a magazine. As I got older I had fun coming up with my own themes and menu. Here in WA by Post Townsend is the Olympic Music Festival.There is this old barn on 55 arches of farmland. Set out in the middle of nowhere. There are farm animals and hiking trails. It is absolutely charming and a favorite. But we have only been able to afford to go a couple of times.
Now that I am old (and lazy) I do not like hauling all that stuff and food around. (And to be honest I like the privacy of my own home) The candles, flowers, linens, silver. Hey if I am going to picnic I am going to do it right. So I got the idea (which is the idea that started summer corners) why not have an outdoor concert at home. I could drag out my CD player. Go to the library and get some new piece of music my family had not heard. Maybe an opera or musical. Then I can focus on setting the seen in my own yard. Lots and lots of candles, maybe I could even drag out last years Christmas lights and wrap them around a tree. One of my pretty quilts on the grass. A bouquet of fruit like from an Severin Roesen painting. And of course lots of yummy food. Although you do not have to make elaborate food. Presentation is half of it. I would rather have some perfect fruit, veggies, good wedge of cheese and bread. Then a bunch over overdone food. But here is a few fun, simple ideas that could be made ahead of time. Strawberry Buttermilk soup,Rustic Salmon Sandwich,stuffed eggs with goats cheese and dill,Watermelon with fennel salt.
Mostly I want my family to have happy memories of all of us sitting under the stars, enjoy the sounds, feeling the love !!
Painting above by Paul Landry


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Clarice, you have such lovely ideas to share! I would love to try this.


This sounds like a lovely idea Clarice. Thank you for sharing.


Clarice, you've got ALL the ideas! I'm so glad you've decided to do this blog and share your ideas with us! I'd like an outdoor concert, but not until the heat has passed us by. ~Jody


That salmon sandwich sounded really good. I like the idea of the cabbage and fennel. I couldn't get the last two to load. I remember the victorian picnic we did. Mom

Susan P.

Love the idea, Clarice. Maybe when it cools down a bit that is something I can try for my family. Especially love the idea of Christmas lights and quilt!

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