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Summer Corner #6


Well I am battling allergies. So this summer corner, I am going to post some of you dear ladies ideas. First look at this charming front porch at Joanne's home. She enjoys sitting here  with a cup of tea and watch the birds as they fly from tree to tree. I can just picture sitting there with you dear Joanne. Think of me next time !!!



Next is Joanne's living room and the dresser that she 'dress up' according to the seasons.  There is a Summer English Home magazine, some potpourri and a candle called  Country Linen, by Yankee Candle, both smelling so summery!  There is also a 'British' picture from a friend, that shows two Victorian women walking along a garden picket fence. I just love this. I-spy-with-my-little-eye a beautiful cake stand with crystals hanging from it and I love the tea print !! What a beautiful sideboard by the way. 

It is all so summery and British. Thank you for being willing to share these with us xoxox


Dear Teresa was kind of enough let me share this picture of her pond when I asked. Even thought this photo was taken in the spring, I can picture myself sitting there with a  glass of lemonade. This is a wonderful summer corner Teresa and I am sure the ladies are inspired. Thank you for letting me post it xoxox


Mindy at Peaceful Corner shared her charming dinning room all done up for summer. I love the seashells with the potpourri and candle, very pretty. Also loved the scrapbook paper you use for your china cabinet. It is so Victorian. I love that look. I need to go get some new paper for my china cabinet. Thank you for the inspiration. 


Tracy at Seaside Enchantment has the cutest seashore corner in her home. I love the lighthouse and your boats. Very summery !!!!!

Tracy also has a wonderful post about how to celebrate summer.

PS. Rebecca I have not forgotten about you. I will be writing a post with your great ideas probably (If I can get my act together) next week. 


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Lovely post and pictures. Thanks :)


Lots of wonderful Summertime inspiration...thnak you Clarice for starting your Summer Corners, and posting our photos as well!! Your a dear!! Hugs and Blessings...Mindy


Hey! I recognize that porch! And I wish you could see Joanne's tea picture up close. It has "joy", "peace" and the rest of the fruits of the spirit printed on saucers, cups , etc. It is really lovely.

What talented ladies you all are. Thank you Clarice for blogging and bringing these "summer corners" together for us to share. ~lisa


What beautiful summer corners!! I love looking at all the photos, what talented ladies you all are. I am so inspired!


Beautiful summer places. Joanne's is charming and Teresa's looks refreshing. The seashells and nauticals are fun too -- even to a prairie girl.



Oh Clarice,
That front porch looks so familiar! Too bad that you couldn't join me there for a tall glass of iced's so hot here today!
I enjoyed peeking at the other photos as well....lovely!
Thanks for sharing!

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