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Well ladies, I have had several naps and have recovered from the sangria, (sorry, slip of the tongue) I meant to say 4th of July :- o
It was all wonderful. I have a confection to make I never made anything on my 4th July menu. We were last minute invited to a friends boat to watch the fireworks. He is moored right on Liberty Bay. Right across from the barge setting off the fireworks. You have to lean back and look up to see them. Plus the reflections in the water is amazing. So I will have to make my yummy menu one day soon. I heard from several of you ladies that the black bean-roasted corn salsa is a hit. If you are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joes, they sell bags of frozen roasted corn. It is wonderful,very smoky. But a little goes a long ways. I mix it with regular corn. 

One of the wonderful treats of going on a trip if the wonderful place you stay in. It is fun to be in a new and pretty environment. It just helps to make it all feel that more like a luxury. Now that I have the inside of of my home looking like the summer cottage I dream of, I started looking to my yard. I decide to look at it like a house. Just like how my house has rooms, I though I could make rooms outside. I started with a gazebo, we put up a couple of years ago. This is our dinning room. It have a canvas roof (in the winter, we take that down and cover it in twinkle light). It adds a wonderful architectural feature to our yard. Plus with all the rain we get, it is nice to have a cover area in the yard.


I wanted to jazz it up a bit. As you can see I have lots of green but not many flowers. So I picked bright colorful Tracy Porter fab. I only bought a yard. Cut a strip to go down the center of the table. Got these wonderful bright flowers for $3.00. Added some candles and it is very relaxing.


The gazebo came with a planter. But instead of using it for a planter I use it as a buffet table. I made a top (cut ply-wood) and stapled more fabric and glued fun pom-poms. I put the plastic table-ware we use inside the planter. As well as candles, light stick, napkins, ect.
The next area is our living room. This is were have our fire pit and sit in the new relaxing Adirondack chairs. Don't you just LOVE the color !! It is nice to just sit a watch the flames. Like an outdoor fireplace. We can also grill here. We do hope someday to build an outdoor kitchen !!
We have our laundry room. I am want to do a bit more here. Make it prettier. I was hoping to get this done before I posted this but oh well. I will pull out a small table with a pretty cloth to fold laundry on.
On the other side of the yard is the play-room.  Slip-in-slide, badminton net, tire swing, ect. Hopeful soon we will also have an outdoor shower.  I even plan on hanging a small shelf and a mirror. Of course this is only for the summer, but make one feel like your house has doubled. We are lucky to have a fairly large yard. But even if it is small can you create several corners, just like inside your house. If you have any pictures of your outside rooms. I would love to see them.
Mary sent these wonderful pictures of flowers blooming around her yard !! I hope she is having relaxing time at the beach xoxox
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Clarice, Such lovely outdoor rooms! Love the fabric you chose, so vibrant and cheerful! I just love when you share photos with us, so inspiring!! Blessings to you dear...


Your yard looks so inviting! I love the fabric. I love the gazebo. I love the planter/table idea. Gush.


I love everything!!! (And I'm so glad I stayed away from your Sangria!!!--although it was quite hard to do so!!)


You did such a wonderful job of having 'rooms' out of doors! I think I could be right at home in your backyard. I love all of it! I especially love the colours of your table runner, your thermos, your plant, the rod iron table set, and the cosy fire place setting!
Isn't summer great for the outdoors?


I love having different areas in the garden and viewing the garden as an extension of the house.
Your outdoor rooms are delightful and I adore Adirondack chairs, and the colour of yours are beautiful :)


We had Sangria at home last night -- yummy!

Clarice, you make staying at home THE BEST it can be. I love your outdoor rooms.


I love all your ideas about making an outside home!! Your table is just lovely. I have a few pictures of summer corners to share. Should I post them on my blog and then email you the link? If so, can I have your email address? Thank you for sharing all your wonderful summer ideas!


it's not the summer corners I envy nor the sangria but the berry picking---I'm yearning for raspberries that aren't moldy and truely taste of summer.


If you put up the tent you can add a bedroom. Love Mom

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