My Birthday part 1
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My birthday part 2


Thank you ladies for all the kind words. It means so much to me. I have met the sweetest ladies since starting this blog !!!
First let me say it was a lovely day in Port Townsend. Slightly gray and 65. I was in heaven. I took pictures of some of my favorite stores. Summer House  has the funest stuff and Green Eyeshades is one of my my favorite kitchen store (although it can not hold a candle to Sur La Table).
Img_0893    Img_0898
April Fool has a great assortment of both antiques, books and new fun items. They have beautiful jewelry. Petals flower shop is so sunny and charming.
Img_0897  Img_0899
Now my favorite store is Edge to Edge. They are moving in 3 weeks. For those who live in the area their new address is 940 Water Street. I love this store because we have the same taste. She specializes in lots of vintage fabrics from the 20's, 30's, 40's. She has old wool blankets cut in smaller pieces to buy. Lots of trims, linens, buttons. Just plain fun stuff. Hopefully Joan will come see my blog and say hi. 
Img_0894  Img_0895
For lunch we ate at Sweet Laurette (it across my favorite restaurant Wild Coho but they only do dinner). I knew it was a bakery but did not realize they had a café. I had mussels in Dijon cream sauce, my sister had roasted pork sandwich with caramelized apple/onions, my mother had a salad of green apple and blue cheese. It was all wonderful. So was my almond cupcake with raspberry icing !!
Img_0906  Img_0907
Port Townsend is known for all of it's Victorian buildings. I could post hundreds of pictures. But I was drawn to this beautiful garden. As were my mother and sister. It was a fun day for all. Thank you for letting me share it. xoxoxo


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Beth Wilmart

Glad you enjoyed your weekend in our beautiful little town. I live about three blocks from Sweet Laurette's - they just added the bistro part earlier this year. And Edge to Edge is moving two doors down from our store, Quimper Sound & the Analog Lounge, on Taylor Street.

Come back any time!


How Beautiful!!!!
The store are so inviting and the town is darling. I would love to stroll down there streets, what a treat that would be!!!
Glad to hear you had a lovely day.


Thanks so much for taking us "with you" for your special day. It sounds like the perfect birthday. What a wonderful surprize from your DH!!!!!
All the best in the next year for you!

Mrs. Staggs

I've been to the other shops, but I've never noticed Edge to Edge. I'll look forward to it next time. Looks like you had a lovely time, thanks for sharing it with all of us.


What a beautiful place, what beautiful shops, what beautiful gardens.Lucky you.


What a wonderful looking place, with shops I just want to go shopping in.


What a delightful belated birthday, Clarice! Your hubby did GOOD!!! The Dagoba bars are making me drool...yum yum. Haven't been to P.T. in years. Your pics make me want to go right now! So glad you were well-celebrated. Hugs,


Just lovely, Clarice - what a cute little town - makes me want to take a trip up to Washington!


Clarice, we must share similar genes! Just how I would love to spend a happy you had such a wonderful birthday.


Darling shops, beautiful scenery! Thansk so much for sharing!


Happy Birthday! I just found you when I was visiting at Cream Puff's site. I just love your beautiful posts. Can't wait to read every bit of it & look at all of the beautiful photos. Thank you for a bright spot in my day.


Dear Jody that is my sister, not me. Although we look a lot alike. She is just skinnier. Clarice


What a beautiful place and a lovely day! Oh! And I was so thrilled to see a picture of YOU Clarice! You're so darn cute!

The gardens were stunning. Can you throw down your picnic blanket and just sit and enjoy these gardens or are they just for the "looking?"


I love Port Townsend. It has to be one of my favorite places to visit. Did you stop for ice cream at the Elevated Ice Cream shop? That is a must for us on every trip. Their sundaes are delicious and they do a mean coffee flavor ice cream. We must compare notes on PT sometime in person.


Oh! Oh! LOVED the pictures, especially the first one! Sounds like you had such a fun day in this cute, cute town. And thanks so much for your comment at my blog this morning... Maybe if I sit here and dream about your 60 degree morning I will feel a little Nah, really, today won't be too bad as long as I don't venture far from the air-conditioner in my dream room--I can play up there and iron clothes up there and craft up there--and of course, dream--so it won't be too bad at all. :) Thanks again! Blessings, Debra

Susan P.

That little town is like in a storybook! It is so charming!! Looks like the perfect place to spend an afternoon!


Oh - And Happy birthday! In all the PT excitement I forgot the reason!


Port Townsend!! Drooooool. Love that town. Water Street Hotel - top floor, balcony = perfection.

And did you paint that watercolor of the umbrellas/girls below? Fantastic! I so admire watercolors.

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