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My birthday part 2

My Birthday part 1


Well, oh my, what a birthday this has been. My dear hubby outdid himself. I did not have to cook or clean the whole weekend. I had lovely breakfast in bed, a pile of yummy magazines to read. He gave me a bottle of chocolate port wine (which is soo yummy). My girls gave me lots of chocolate.
Chloe gave me this sweet bunny statue. Which I was informed at the time I unwrapping "If I did not love it, she would be glad to take it off my hands". We are sharing it!!
I was basically princess all weekend. But the topper is my hubby surprised me. It is very hard to surprised me. He has only done it once before. He dragged me in the living room, blind folded and gave me my own laptop (I do not have to share it with anyone). He said he was so proud of my blog and all I do and create. He wanted me to have my own computer. Well I cried for 10 minutes before I could even look at. I am busy setting up a shabby chic desk in my living room and will post it later.

My mother bought me several lovely gifts. Such as this glass bell I have drooling over at COCO and the mirrored box, Dagoba hot chocolate and chocolate bar.
My sister went to Anthropologie and bought me that small amazing silver cup and the pink dishtowel in the back. In Port Townsend I got this old print that I am madly in love with and the floral fabric. I took a bunch of pictures in Port Townsend and found out my favorite store is moving down the street into a bigger space. I also found a new place to have yummy lunch. I will write all about that tomorrow. See you then.


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Happy Birthday(belated)Dear Clarice! I am happy that you had such a great time,your pics are fabulous,and that laptop! wow! a word of warning,I take mine everywhere,its too convenient! I am in danger of becoming co dependant on a computer(lol) :)


What wonderful gifts you got! The bunny is so sweet! And a new laptop?!?! How exciting!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and I really love your blog. It is a bright spot in my day!


Happy Birthday, I love your glass bell.


Your birthday sounds heavenly and you are most deserving! You have a very thoughtful family.
And, your birthday is not over...I hope to send out your package this week. (I know...I am very slow!)


What a wonderful birthday & such thoughtful gifts. I see one of my absolute favorite things--Dagoba w/ lavender? Right?

Susan P.

Clarice, you had a "magical" birthday and it was very much deserved! That is so exciting your husband surprised you with a computer and you got so many other wonderful treasures, as well. Shabby chic desk? Can't wait to see it!! Happy, happy, birthday friend:)


Special gifts for a special person! I'm so happy to hear that your weekend was a happy one!


So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Aren't husbands lovely?


Happy birthday, it sounds just lovely!

I hope to be in PT sometime this fall, maybe we can have lunch at your new favorite place or throw a blog party at Quimper Sound's new coffee shop.

Hope to meet you in person. :)


One word -LUCKY :)


What a scrumptious birthday! Glad it was such a happy weekend for you!


Happiest of birthdays to you! A laptop is a perfect gift--what a sweet hubby!

Mrs. Linebarger

How lovely!!! Happy belated birthday!


What a lovely birthday Clarice! All those beautiful goodies. What a sweet husband you have - it's wonderful when they appreciate the things you do and are so supportive! Enjoy eating your chocolate and looking at all your treasures. Blessings for a lovely year!

Mary T.

You give your hubby a great big squeeze from me! He did good! You definitely deserve all that you have been blessed with for your birthday!


Oh Clarice, what a delightful birthday celebration you had! It was fun reading about it! And the gift from your hubby---well, what a wonderful, wonderful surprise---I had tears in my eyes after I read it! (What a thoughtful man he is!) And now, I'm looking forward to seeing the 'Shabby chic' desk area you create. Happy belated birthday, Clarice! You deserved it all...


Oh Clarice,
Such treasures! I love it all! I am so glad that your birthday was redeemed by the love and goodness of your dear family! I love the glass dome and how you arranged it...what a great idea!
And that painting...it is just so beautiful! I know that the scene is dutch but can't recall the artist. Can you read the artist's name and share it? That was such a common scene 100 years ago. The mother knitting, the wooden shoes, the costumes, the dutch door and I even recognize the pattern on the tea cup she is using(can say it but can't spell it in dutch)
I did 'eye spy' something that came from Ontario...so glad you can use them!
What a treat to visit and...
I almost forgot to say:
What a dear, sweet husband to encourage your giftings in such a tangible way...tell him I am so proud of him...and you!
Love and hugs,
Joanne, who thinks you should indulge in all that wonderful chocolate!


Oh...Happy Birthday, Clarice! I'm so glad you had a 'princess' kind of day... you deserve it! And I especially loved, loved the bunny...so very sweet. Blessings to you... Debra


oohhh, such treasures...delightful my dear! xox


Happy happy birthday, dear Clarice. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. How special everything is. Just beautiful. And there's more to come in part II? Can't wait! xo

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