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Well being a good Charlotte Mason homeschool mother I have my own nature  and art sketchbooks. The girls and I go on walks or sit in our yard and draw what we observer. I will confess that this does not come easy to me. But I want my girls to feel natural about drawing what they see. Now mind you I did not say perfect or talented just comfortable about the whole thing. So I figure I need to embrace my sketchbook, if I want Aubern'e and Chloe to. I am always looking for inspiration and I found it in Jane's sketchbook.  Sorry I do not know Jane's last name, she does not say. I like how she take ordinary things, ordinary life and make a small special moment out of it. I hope you are inspired to.



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Thank you ladies, for telling me I am good mother. I do not feel like a good mother most of the time !!! Mary I am not sure if that looks like water color pencils. I wish I know what she used to. You asked what we used. Really it is a variety of different mediums. I like to keep it different. Bit for out and about mostly color pencils (I can not remember the brand right now and can not go upstairs and check. But i know it is good pencils) I want to invest in even better pencils, now that the girls are older. Believe it or not we love the bees wax crayons. We also love the water color pencil, soft pastels and just a good old pencil. I love to blend colors, so soft pencils are important to me. But like I said I like to mix it up !! Clarice

Miss Eagle

Clarice, I loved the description of your homeschooling. I do so admire the many things you have said about it, but to read the principles was thoroughly charming. Now if my children were not all grown up or if I had grandchildren, I would look at taking this further.


Your girls are fortunate to have you as their mom Clarice. What a lovely and interesting life you help them create.


What a wonderful mother (and teacher) you are. It is so important for all of us to see the beauty in our eveyday lives, inside and out.

Mary T.

WOW!!Thanks for the inspiration. Do you think she uses watercolor pencils? What do you and the girls use?


Perfect Idea!
Now to implement it!
Great keepsake!


I have a nature notebook and I like keeping it up, but I've only begun a personal sketchbook. Jane's Sketchbook makes me want to get mine out NOW! Thanks again Clarice!

Susan P.

This is just the inspiration I needed for opening my sketchbook! So far I have been so intimidated by all that white paper I haven't done anything:( Thanks!


I love this, very inspiring. Mom

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