Summer Corner #7



Well hello everyone, I missed you. Really !!! I want to thank each of you for my happy birthday wishes. I am meeting the nicest, most creative, giving ladies. You are the best, Thank you !!!
I wish I had some amazing wonderful vacation news to share. But it has been so hot and miserable. My father even left early because he could not take the heat and he live much warmer area. Nobody has air-conditioners around here. So on those rare times we get heat, we all suffer. My birthday, basically did not happen. But ladies believe me I will have my birthday, even if I have to wait six months, ha. No we are hoping to have it this coming weekend. And I am sure I will have one or two yummy gift to share.
But I did have the most wonderful surprise on my Birthday. It was an on-line tea party. All my dear blessing ladies (Hello, you know who you are) threw me the most perfect virtual tea party. There was of course lots of chocolate, fruit pizza, lavender marinated salmon !!!, tea sandwiches, homemade salsa, chocolate cake, grapefruit and pineapple spritzers, sangria (and we were all good), the warm zucchini and olive salad, fruit tarts and more.
We all picked out outfits from Anthropology (one of my favorite stores) . The picture above is just a smattering of the yummy gifts bestowed. It was a day full of joy, tears, kind words and love. I am sorry if I missed someone. But know that I am so grateful to each of you. It is all thanks to amazing, dear, sweet Joanne. For she is the one who hosted my tea party and what a giving hostess she is. I can not tell you how much the kind words and thoughts made my day. My year. I hope that I am giving just as much to those around me xoxox


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How great to have such wonderful friends ~ hope you have a nice celebration this weekend. I am having fun putting together some birthday goodies to send your way... soon I hope!

Susan P.

Clarice, what a splendid idea your friend had. I have never heard about a virtual tea party. If you have time could you explain it to us?? I think we are all curious! LOL
Blessings to you,
Susan P.


Dear Clarice,
Wasn't that a party! And it truly was so much fun to host...*play* is one of our best attributes, isn't it?
Your collage of party gifts is so lovely and so well-done! I will look back with fond memories on this special occassion that I had the privilege to be a part of!
Love and hugs,
Joanne, aka Anne of Green Gables, the girl with the vivid imagination!


Just found your website, yesterday. It is amazing !!!!!! Thank-you, for sharing the wonderful movies and books. Now my "to get" list is longer, though these went to the top of it :) Hope you have a lovely birthday celebration :)


Oh my goodness, what a fun idea!!! I love all the food and presents you got! Lovely dress choice. :0)


How sweet is that!!???


How does a virtual tea party work? I'm worried about the food ,do you just look at it?
And Rosa, it is cold here ,not freezing but wintery cold.


Happy Happy Birthday!! Your virtual tea party sounds lovely! Your pictures are so wonderful. The Flower Fairy book is a favorite at our house! Stay cool!


So happy to hear about your virtual tea party and that a good time was had by all! Stay cool!!!


A Fabulous Party for a Fabulous Lady!



How sweet. Sounds like a grand time. Gee, is it cool anywhere????

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