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My Birthday part 1

A corner of my home


         Pink roses

 These candle sticks are one of my favorite thing’s I own. They belonged to my Grandmother Clare, my father’s mother. My grandmother died from a stroke when my father was 16 and grandfather Isador died 6 months later of a broken heart.  I am sad I never meet my grandparents but I have always felt a special bond to my Jewish root and my grandparents. My grandfather owned 3 bakeries in San Francisco, which are long gone now. When he was ten he moved to Germany to apprentice as a baker. Ten, can you imagine?  

I know nothing about these candle sticks except that they were my grandmothers. I would like to think they are a family treasure. Since her entire family (except two people) we killed in the holocaust, I am sure family items were treasured that much more. The candlesticks are always in the center of my dining table. The pitcher is a garage sale find. I ADORE pink luster-ware and so wish I had more of it. The plate is a gift from my mother. I have four of them in different colors. I have been inspired by Jody's wild -flower bouquets. Unfortunately flowers set off my allergies but I discovered if I make small tussy-mussy bouquets they will not set off my allergies. So this is my tussy-mussy of the day! Thank you Jody for the inspiration. I off to Post Townsend for my birthday celebration with my mother and my sister. I will post pictures (wait till I tell you what my hubby got me !!) Have a yummy Saturday !!!



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Clarice, I love everything about your 'corner'!!! It is perfect, and the little bouquet is beautiful.


Happy Birthday!
LOOOOOVE the beautiful bell jar with the lovelies underneath it!


Your tussie mussie is just beautiful!!!


What a beautiful photo this is Clarice!
All of your things are so special and make for a lovely composition...both visual and written.
Thank you for both.


Beautiful rose, is it a David Austin by any chance?


Clarice, I enjoyed today's entry. Infact yesterday's was great too. Your site is very pretty. Blessings,


Ah ha! I recognized that beautiful rose from your rose bush picture awhile back! Lovely corner and sweet, sweet love story.


Your candlesticks are beautiful and the memory attached to them precious.


Oh how absolutely beautiful this picture is. And what a precious thing to have those candle sticks that belonged to your grandmother. Something to truly treasure. I`d forgotten about tussie mussies being little bouquets. Love it:)


Lovely, pretty, elegant, and exquisite to say the least, and what a dear, sweet, tragic love story you shared about your grandparents. I am only sorry that you were unable to meet them. You are probably more like your grandfather than you know
(bakeries, romance etc.)
Your tussie mussie is adorable and so pretty!


Oh my! That is such a beautiful corner that I can hardly take it all in! And I do thank you, Clarice, for all your encouraging comments at my blog... obviously we are kindred spirits who are so enjoying creating wonderful homes as unto the Lord... Blessings, Debra

Susan P.

Those candlesticks are such a wonderful treasure. Thanks for sharing the story: ) I love your tussy mussy, it is just beautiful! BTW, that is the first craft we are going to do on Tuesday at "my home place!"


Beautiful candle holders, and pretty flowers. Happy Birthday :)

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