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Summer Cornner #3 (part2)

Well DH was on the computer 5 hours before calling (at my suggestion) tek support. I adore my DH (truly) but is this like asking for the direction thing. Well it turns out that we will not get the broad-band till later today. Just think all the hours and frustration he could have saved himself. Plus he had been up for 25 hours strait. Thank you for letting me vent to you, so I will not vent to him !@! Hopefully you will hear from me tomorrow !! By the way please feel free to share ANYTHING that has motived you in Summer Corner. There is no right or wrongs. Just fun sharing.
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I needed a small lamp in my living room and had this wonderful antique glass lamp but needed a shade. Being on a tight budget (as usual) I went down to my fav. Target and got this plain white shabby chic lamp shade. Of topic, did you know the term shabby chic is not "in" anymore. Well I do not give a flying fig! So I bought a shabby chic lamp shade. But of course I had to mess with it. For the last couple of months I have had a black veil and old silk pink flower off an old hat. I saw this idea at a favorite store of mine in CA called Loo-Loo-Pom. All I did is wrap the veil around the shade and pin the flower on with a big hat pin. Easy, easy. No glue, no sewing, just a pin. The veil did not reach all the way around but the lamp was up against the wall, so who cared. Now with my new clean summery look I wanted something new. All I did was take a length of ribbon. Hot glue gun on some shells I had. Wrap and tie on the ribbon. I love it and am thinking what other ribbons can I do. I like the idea of attaching something to a ribbon, then tying that on. Just think I could have a whole box of ribbons with different themes and change them out to my whims. So look for what you could wrap a ribbon around. The possibilities are endless!!!!!
Here are some more interesting sea shell ideas. I hope you are inspired to play !!
Beautiful mural above by Donna-Lee


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I love your creative ideas ~ the lampshade looks great! And I still love shabby chic,


The lampshade is great! For some reason, it reminds me of my grandma.....it's a good thing. ~Jody


The lampshade with the lace and roses is just darling!! I am happy to report that I bought some seashells this weekend and will be ready to share my summer corner later this week. :0)
And about shabby chic not being "in" anymore. That is just wrong! I will be sure that it doesn't go out of style around my house!


Oh, the lamp shade is simply adorable! Great job and thanks for the inspiration... I have two small lamps which would look great with similar shades--I've been searching for shades to buy at just the right price, but perhaps I will just make my own now. :) Blessings, Debra


Such wonderful summery ideas for our homes..i'm really enjoying the summertime ideas!! Have a blessed day!


We started with Broadband years ago when they would actually send a human being to your house right from the get go to set it up for you...one of my pet peeves is lack of service in all industries these days! Now a days of course we have a teen age boy. I can hardily recommend one of those when it comes to things that are techy...maybe they should include one of those in each box!
Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas!

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