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Summer Corner #1


Hello, as I mention I want to turn my home this summer into a vacation beach cottage. I am a firm believer in making the most of what you have. My goal (hopefully) for June and July is once a week to post an idea to help bring summer into your home. But I would like to invite all of you to be involved too. So if you post over the next 2 months any Summer Corner Ideas, send them to me and I will post them here. Just send me a link to your post.


Idea #1 is to set up an out-door art studio. Find an inspiring corner of your garden, get a cute comfy chair, set out an art easel (or maybe you have a tree that would work). Have a basket to hold all your supplies. Some ideas for your basket sketch pad, different pens and pencils, a piece of charcoal, some fun scented markers, mini canvases. Instead of dealing with oil paint why not use acrylic paint on the canvas ??  Just a good old pencil and some paper will be fine to. Make it fun, not a pressure.
One of the things I have learned homeschooling over the years is not to be intimidated to paint or draw. My girls and I all have our own sketch books and do lots of nature drawings. They are not really very good drawings, well at lest mine are not. But that is not the point. I have learned to just go sit somewhere I am inspired and to enjoy the process !!
I thought this Twig Easellooked like fun to make and a great idea for use when you are not drawing.
Here are some other patterns to make your own art easel. They look a bit complicated but maybe you know someone who loves to build things.
Have fun and send my your Summer Corner ideas.


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Beautiful keep, just lovely!


You are adorable! I love all of your ideas. I would love to come visit your house, I'm sure it would be very inviting!!


You are full of wonderful ideas! I love the twig easel~the whole outdoor art studio sounds so nice. We even have an old child's easel in the basement, maybe I can come up with a way to spruce it up. I will try to send you some summer corner ideas.

Mrs. Staggs

I like the twig easel a lot Clarice. I'm looking forward to seeing what other wonderful ideas you come up with!


Love the twig easel...wonderful idea!!

Kelli Winn

I love the easel looks so pretty out in the garden! I have been thinking about summer corner ideas all day and will post if I think of a good one. :0)
I just love your blog!


Oh fabulous Clarice! over here in the UK we have to make hay while the sun shines,so to speak,summer tends to fly over too quickly,but i have family who visit from Italy,and their favourite thing is a traditional English afternoon tea held in the garden,would this kind of post interest you? I would be more than happy to share with you,lovely idea Clarice.xx


Clarice! I saw one of your posts about your French unit on AmbleRamble so came here. I've always thought it would be lovely to visit your home--now I know I was right because your bloghome is beautiful! I'll be back often (tried to subscribe to your RSS but it didn't work).


Hi Clarice, I just popped in to tell you about my new blog, but now that I read your post, I know I have the right spot. I have a circle of evergreens in the middle of my driveway, with a crab-apple tree in the middle. I know that sitting in this circle has always made me happy. Adding an art spot would be perfect!

Now don't forget that summer means birds, so don't forget to make a bird watching spot in your summer home. A good bird book, some binoculars, some bread crumbs or seed, a bird bath...

I've made a funflower house for Janney. I'll photograph it soon in it's infancy and keep updating my blog about it. It's a garden which is in a big square, with 4 different sunflowers planted around a grassy area. As they mature, Janney will be able to play in the sunflower house, hidden behind these towering flowers.


Good idea Clarice. It might be a difficult thing for me to do here on the prairie where the wind blows most of the time. Still, I really like the idea. And I LOVE the art you've featured here.



Dear Joanne, (and anyone else with out a blog) please post or send me your ideas. I will post it. I want all the feed back I can get !! Plus Joanne you come up with the most wonderful ideas and creative parties !!!
xoxox Clarice


You have such great ideas! I will be looking forward to viewing the posts, including what others share. I might even be inspired to share some of my own corners!
So much fun!
Oh you creative one!


I could do this on my porch, what fun. Mom


I guess being winter down here in Australia - if we snuggle under a blanket with a favourite book, is that counted? what a great idea!


loving your twiggy easel!

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