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Summer Corner #1

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts


I have a new sewing machine and I am loving it. I never really enjoy sewing on a machine. I would rather hand sew. Which shocks me, I never knew that about myself.  I am finding I do not get as frustrated though with my new machine. With summer here and being fat it is hard to find comfortable cool alternatives to shorts. I am finding flowy cotton skirts are working well. I have a cotton bias cut skirt I got at Ross (for $8, yahooo) that I love and want to wear all the time. Well one day I was looking at it and realized all it was only 2 pieces and a waste band. So I got 2 1/4 yard fabric, laid the skirt down on it and cut out the shape of skirt. I set in a waist band. I did not want a zipper and I am sharing them with my DD. She is a size smaller then me, so I made the back half of the waist band a draw string waist. Easy, easy. So if you have a simple skirts you love I encourage you to use them as a pattern. Then you know what fits you and is comfortable.
If you are not sure you can do this all on your own, here are some skirt tutorials.
There are several how to makejeansinto  a skirt tutorial but I thought this was a good one.
Another circle skirt
WhatTheCrafthas several tutorials
Ohhh and my favorite (I have to make this skirt !!!) is the scalloped hem skirt.I love the way the scallop is only on the back. But you can do what you want !!! She also talks about how to make an un-waist.


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What great links. I too have been drawn toward skirts this summer and I am loving them. They remind me of the kind Hayley Mills used to wear. I have picked up a few at thrift stores but it isn't nearly enough. I am on holiday in CA but I haven't one pair of shorts with me. Skirts are my saving grace for staying cool.


Ok, here's a silly question. What sorts of tops/shirts do you wear with your skirts? I seem to have a lot of trouble coming up with cute tops to wear with my skirts.


I love to wear skirts in the summer. I'm not as fond of short as I used to be (except for at home). Skirts are more comfy than jeans or shorts and much cooler. Good job Clarice!



Thank you for all the good information, Clarice. Your skirts look great, and I really like that floral in the back.
I made a bias cut skirt recently and love it.


How nice that you have a new machine! My machine is still the one that my husband bought me when we were first married. It still works great and feels like an old friend when I use it, but I enjoy handsewing a lot too. I find it relaxing.
This idea for skirts is a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.


Clarice! you are so clever! i loved your holiday pics too,glad you had a good time.


You're just like your mom, I prefer hand sewing too. Mom

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